Comments for Meryl Streep reportedly set to join cast of ‘Mary Poppins’ sequel

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  1. Wendy Hastings

    I will boycott it if she is in it. She is a b***h who publicly badmouthed Walt Disney and called him racist, sexist and a bunch of other things I won’t mention that weren’t true. She is a loud-mouth celebrity who thinks that because she says something is true, that it is just because she is famous. She tries pass off her opinion as fact. I cant believe Disney would let her be in another movie with his name on it after she so distastefully went in public and verbally bashed him just after being cast in a movie produced by the company he founded. She has no class and I will not see it if she is in it as much as I love Mary Poppins. Plus, as far as I am concerned, Julie Andrews is the only one suitable to play the title role. I understand that actors get old, but no one can, in my eyes do the role justice besides Julie Andrews. It’s one thing to cast another actress in that role but to hire someone who has historically publicly bashed the man who founded the company, Meryl Streep should be banned from being in any Disney movies in the future. She passed her opinion off as fact as she couldn’t possibly be wrong and didn’t even check the information before she went public. Of course she doesn’t think her opinion could be wrong but don’t go passing it as facts. Opinions are not facts and she has no business trying to pass them off as that, abusing her celebrity status that way.

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