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    Kurt Bergeron

    The fans did that. The owner of The Goonies house used to accept the fans with open arms. Even allowing some to see the attic, even th

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    While I’m glad folks have nostalgia, this is the second fan column in a week where I had to point out that I was -there- in 1985, junior, and most of us audiences HATED the darn thing back then. It was not a well-loved or successful movie.
    It was, um…..-not- what most of us were expecting as promising young Chris Columbus’s first script after Gremlins, the pre-release hype of “Spielberg’s movie salute to Pirates of the Caribbeans” (yes) didn’t quite pan out as we’d pictured–at least not in the slightly different and more ride-accurate version as we’d picture one today–it got largely negative reviews as “Loud”, “Charmless”, and “Written BY and for 10-yo.s”, and made only slightly more box office than Police Academy 2.

    But, everyone loves movies from the Ghostbusters and Back to the Future days. Especially those who weren’t alive when they opened.

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      Mike Celestino

      I was alive when it opened. As I wrote in the article above, I was born in 1979. I was 5 years old when the movie came out. I grew up on The Goonies and loved it. I recognize its flaws, but I still really enjoy it every time I watch it.

      Your experiences are not everyone’s experiences.

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        Surya Fernandez

        I completely agree with Mike. I’m a year older than him and just remember watching it endlessly with my sister and my friends over the years and all us always being entertained with it. I can’t wait to show it to my kids when they’re a little older too.

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