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  1. Coaster

    Well this sucks

  2. Cassie

    As big of a fan as I am of Marvel and GotG…. no. I can just hope that they don’t retheme the original at Hollywood Studios, THEN we would definitely have an issue.

    1. Joey LoCascio

      I don’t think their contractually allowed to. Unless Disney is planning on buying out Universal Orlando’s contract with Marvel(which would probably be somewhere in the hundreds of millions or possibly even billions cause UO would have to re-theme an entire section of IOA) which is highly unlikely.

      1. Ralph

        GotG isn’t covered by the Marvel contract. GotG will replace the Universe of Energy pavilion, and possibly Wonders of Life as well.

  3. JimG.

    It’s like they’re ruining Test Track all over again. The Universaliztion happening to Disney parks is perplexing and disappointing.

  4. Marlem

    I don’t like this idea at all…first of all I don’t see why marvel is being part of Disney when there’s already marvel stuff at magic mountain this is not Walt’s Disney at all…. And second, tower of terror is one of my old time favorite rides and other peoples as well. This ride is always full and is also one of the originals to DCA I don’t like this change at all ? #allridesmatter

    1. Marc

      A. Magic mountain has DC characters not marvel.
      B. Tower of terror wasn’t an original. It was added later.

  5. Joey LoCascio

    If Disneyland wants to ruin a great ride then let them. Just one less place for me to visit and frankly as long as they don’t touch Tower Of Terror at DHS then I could really care less.

  6. Eva Williams

    I am going to be the Devil’s Advocate here, but… I am looking forward to this ride. Tony Goldmark (Some Jerk With a Camera) brought up a point that when Tower of Terror opened in DCA, fans complained that it was inferior to the Orlando version and thought that Disney was running out of ideas.

    1. EricJ

      Of course, it’s not going to help that they just built those new 30’s Los Angeles red trolleys, to take us all the way from the Carthay Circle to…the Collector’s galactic base!

  7. Kenneth

    Come on, getting mad over it before seeing what they end up doing? It will increase attendance to DCA. Disney can’t do anything Marvel on the East Coast and it is a major deal for them. Guardians was a huge hit so making a ride like this is a no brainer. Yes, I hate when I see something go but Walt himself said the park will never be finished. Sometimes things will change. Give them a shot.

    1. JC

      Yes, Walt said the park was never finished but not sure he would change a popular ride due to box office earnings or sponsorship $ – like what Disney does today. I have no problem changing a ride that needs it – not sure TOT needs that change. Could Disney not change an attraction that really needs an update or even just build a new one – how about a dedicated Marvel area instead?

      Not sure popularity is the right argument here – if it was then DCA would have been transformed into “Frozen Adventure Park” a couple years ago. Sure Guardians was a hit (remember that it was released in August which is a softer month for movies too) but has never been a major franchise for Marvel (comic was never that popular) & if you are going by popularity why not an Avengers ride first?

    2. I’d be fine with them building a Guardians of the Galaxy ride. I’m not fine with them stripping out a ride that I LOVE to make it… A ride that is perfect in its theme, execution, and setting, with its own widespread fanbase and merchandise sales, that is the best ride in the park. Ordinarily I would keep a long and healthy distance from drop rides, but the Tower of Terror won me over so well that it even made me a fan of the original Twilight Zone TV show. On the other hand, I’m not a Marvel fan, so there’s literally nothing about this worth “giving a shot” to.

      Moreover, invoking “Walt said Disneyland would never be finished” to pre-approve any ill-conceived idea is kind of obnoxious. Walt never just changed things for the sake of change, or changed them to make them worse. He looked for what didn’t work and fixed it. He didn’t take perfectly good things and wreck them for the sake of it.


  8. EricJ

    DCA: Pick an area, we don’t care, we gave up on theming twelve years ago.

    1. JC

      Same thing Epcot and Hollywood Studios suffers from now too.

  9. Lauren Bryant

    The Tower of Terror is timeless and actually fits in the theme of the park. Guardians of the Galaxy will be outdated in ten years and doesn’t fit. This is a huge mistake.

  10. Lorenzo

    This is so tuff honestly I can’t decide if I’m excited for this because I honestly do like guardians of the Galaxy, and loved the soundtrack, but I got to say tower of terror is my 2nd favorite ride right after space mountain. So as I am very dissapointed to see tower of terror go, a part of me is excited to see the new Guardians ride. I just wish there was a way to have both! ?

  11. JC

    I think this a big mistake. While TOT in DCA may not be as great as the version in Florida it is still a popular and unique attraction that should not be changed. I am not sure why Disney thinks it is a good idea to re-theme attractions to popular movies when they will quickly loose there appeal when their popularity ends in a few years – not to mention not every ride needs to be themed to a Disney property. Some of the best rides were/are not themed to a Disney property – ie. Tiki Room, Space Mountain, Haunted Mansion, Big Thunder Mountain and originally Pirates of The Caribbean was not either. The Twilight Zone theme is timeless and iconic – not sure Guardians is really considered either. To me the TOT is really one of Disney imagineering’s best attractions and a perfect example of what they can do when given the chance.

    Nobody I know even really read the comic years ago, but now everyone thinks it is worthy of the first Marvel Attraction? Guardians is a fun movie and it would be fine to give it an attraction – can we just not pick something that really needs to be changed or even make a brand new attraction (crazy thought right?!). I just don’t see the need to mess with a great attraction that is so popular too. What’s next Haunted Mansion themed to the House of Dr. Strange?

  12. Frostysnowman

    No! No, no, no, no! Don’t get rid of such a classic ride for this. Just build something new!

  13. When the rumours first broke, I immediately shot it down as too ridiculous to take seriously… that Disney would never be so foolish as to take down DCA’s best, headlining attraction with its own fanbase and brisk merchandising… but apparently nothing is impossible for Disney. Twilight Zone Tower of Terror was not only my favourite attraction in DCA, but constituted my only substantive reason for going into that park at all. In fact, no Disney attraction won me over in quite the way that Tower of Terror did.

    Ordinarily, I would stay as far away from a drop ride as practicable, given my healthy respect for gravity. But Tower of Terror was a practically perfect ride in its theme, its execution, and its setting. It perfectly captured the romance of Old Hollywood and fit into its section of DCA. It also followed the cardinal rule of truly great themed attractions by making the guests the centre of the action rather than passive spectators of someone else’s adventure: “In tonight’s episode you are the star”. On the other hand, there can be only one Iron Man, one Captain America, or one Guardians of the Galaxy, and our relative position to them can only be as passive spectators. “Watch things happen to those people!” The Tower of Terror was so good that it even turned me into a fan of The Twilight Zone.

    I’m sure that Guardians of the Galaxy will be a success. It will be a hit with Marvel fans, and the sort of people who like Jack Sparrow being in Pirates of the Caribbean because they recognize him from the movies. And that success will demonstrate to Disney that they are (financially) right to let Universal Studios take the lead on amusement parks with nicely decorated rides and shopping experiences driven by current IP, quietly putting to bed the dusty, outdated concept of genuine themed design. For me, for one fan who only comes every other year or so, it saves me a few dollars by not bothering with a Parkhopper pass. I might take up some people’s advice and just stop going at all: at least at WDW I get a Tower of Terror and I’m guaranteed not to have Marvel forced on me.

  14. Victor

    Do you think Disney will reconsider after reading the negative response from us?

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