Comments for Fav 5: Closed EPCOT attractions we miss the most


  1. Beth

    I miss the old school attractions, and wish they would bring them back: Horizons, World of Motion, re-invent Journey into Imagination. And I loved Kitchen Kaberet and would love to see it re-invented as well. The additions, while good, have changed the feel of Epcot.

  2. EricJ

    – Wonders of Life in general, including Cranium Command, and a healthy-lunch counter-service.
    – The original El Rio de Tiempo, without Donald and Jose’ (not that it isn’t better in places without the ethnic-joke street vendors), and with the old infectiously cheery mariachi tourism-jingle.
    And you already had to go and pick the World Key dinner reservations and Maelstrom.

  3. Debra

    You have no idea how much I truly do miss the original Imagination ride. I was a kid when I first rode it.

  4. Michelle

    Captain EO

  5. Patrick

    I miss the Living Statues over in France. When a person was standing near it for a picture it would move. And people had fun trying to get a picture with it.

  6. Mollie

    I miss Cranium Command and the original ride in Mexico. Both would be much appreciated by my tween and teen children. So sad they are gone.

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