Comments for Crocodile jokes are back on the Jungle Cruise ride at Walt Disney World


  1. Jeremy

    Wayyyy too overboard. I get that you need to be sensitive but the removal of the crocodiles from The Land and Louis from Mickey’s Royal Friendship Faire is just too much. I would be respectful of the decision to permanently remove the joke about the crocs watching your children but all the other steps taken are too far.

  2. Amanda

    I have to agree removing characters from parades and attractions was a little bit to far. Being sensitive to the situation is one thing, like advising parents on jungle cruise to watch your children, but taking out Tick Tock from the parade and Louis from the show come on. Bring them all back. These loved characters barely get FaceTime as is and then you take them away.

  3. Gail

    I have total faith in Disney, that each decision is made with the utmost care and concern for their patrons. Long time Disney fan and visitor here. By the way Adam, I believe I went to high school with your dad. Its a small world afterall.

  4. Megan

    I agree with you Ricky- overkill. I totally get the removing of the crocs watching your kids joke. But beyond that it’s a bit much. My husband is so bummed that Louis was removed from the new stage show. Disney especially on The Safari should be using this as an opportunity to teach about safety rather than pretend they don’t exist.

  5. Todd

    I totally agree. Are y’all going to take Mickey Mouse out of is own house if the Black Plague happened again!


    1. Liz Onoyan

      I agree it would be crazy, but unnecessary….. the fleas on the rats are what carried the black plague, not the rodents.

  6. Jen

    We were in MK only 2 days after the incident and they were still joking about the crocs then. Rode JC twice and both times they told the “Ginger snaps” etc. jokes.

    1. Trac

      We were there 2 days after and through the following week and I heard the same jokes. I think a lot of the info about Crockadiles being removed was hear say. I did see all the signs and fences go up especially at Fort Wilderness where we stayed which I think should have been there sooner. Pets dissappear in the campground due to Aligators. But removing perminent fixtures in the park is over doing it I think. I am glad they didn’t.

  7. Aimee

    I was there the week after the attack and can vouch for the fact that no crocodile characters were removed. The only thing I saw that was changed, respectfully so was the jungle cruise line about parents keeping an eye on their children.

    Splash mountain, Peter Pan, and pretty much any other ride featuring Crocus have remains exactly as they were, so I don’t see how anyone went overboard woth anything. I also saw the new signage in place both outside and inside Magic Kingdom warning of snakes and crocs/gators in bright red.

  8. Jim

    Over kill. It’s a tragedy about the child . But leave the charters alone

  9. Crys

    I think it was an overkill and I lost a very close family member tragically by alligator attack too, it was very unfortunate and yes I understand taking out the watching kids line from JC but removing tick tock from the parade and Luis from the new show was too much.

  10. PaulH

    Just rode splash mountain the other day and can confirm that there are still several alligators present in that ride. Not exactly correct to say they’ve removed them all.

  11. Beth

    I was at Epcot about 1 week after the attack, and can confirm that the (very real looking) animatronic crocodiles were not removed from the Living with the Land ride. The live alligator farm is also still there.
    I think that it may actually have been the people reporting on the supposed removal of all references to alligators/crocodiles throughout the park who went overboard, and not the actual removal that occurred. Very little seems to have actually changed, from my observations and the reports from other visitors. Which, aside from the removal of parents/alligators watching their kids joke, is as it should be.

  12. Richard Cranium

    I’m at Disney World now, and there’s still a few alligator characters around. A few were in splash mountain trying to eat a fox. I think it’s over board to remove them from the shows. I’m more concerned about lightning strikes at Disney World than alligators or crocodiles. A lady was laid out by a strike at Epcot today so I think they should remove all lightning references from the shows now too.

  13. Marie

    They need to get rid of all dangerous animals will alligators crocodiles eat snakes they need to be put down permanently

    1. Hayley Letner

      I think it would be impossible for them to get rid of the 1.3 million alligators that Florida has alone. So does that mean they kill all the bears and mountain lions out west too?

  14. Hayley Letner

    I have a 2 year old and 11 month old. We just got back from Disney and they did have some alligators on the rides. Personally I don’t think all the alligators need to be taken from the parks.

  15. Kaila

    This is way too much. To be getting rid of alligator and crocodile charecters and references. When I hear about this I was deeply saddened because this is not the Disney I grew up with.

  16. Jim

    Good, because in all honesty I feel like the theme parks are too sensitive and make unnecessary changes when a tragedy occur. Not to say I feel bad for the family, disney and for what happened but we as a society make changes sometimes that are forced because of oversensitivity. Not all of our bathrooms need to turn into self identify restrooms and the Tick Toc alligator didn’t need to be taken out of the parade. Things happen, it’s important to address them but at the same time disney doesn’t need to make unnecessary changes. This in my opinion was one of them. I’m glad they moved on and brought this amazing attraction back to it’s full glory.

  17. Nate

    I personally think that obfuscating the spotlight over the crocodiles and alligators was a measure extremelly necessary, mainly taking into consideration that this tragic incident (the most tragic incident that may ever happen) occured in a short term ago. However, with time, I really hope to see the Peter Pan’s tic-toc crododile back to the parade and I also hope to see Louis (from Princess and the Frog) debuting in the Mickey’s Friendship Faire as it originally supposed to be. But, the Jungle Cruise joke about “watch your kids, or the crocodiles will” shall and will be vanished for good, in a way of respect and good sense.

  18. James

    Maybe if more parents did watch out, they would realize gators do exist. Put the line back

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