Comments for New updated menu debuts at the Skipper Canteen restaurant in Magic Kingdom


  1. alvin

    Unfortunately for me, they took off the sustainable fish collar.. That was my favorite item on the menu and it was goood..

  2. Connie

    The Curried Vegetable Stew is still there, so I am good. A great vegetarian dish!

  3. Brian

    Still not taking reservations?

    1. Michael Mullenax

      They’ve been taking reservations for awhile

  4. The new menu doesn’t show desserts. Have they been removed?

  5. Maggie

    I am disappointed that they lamed down the menu. Why take great options away because some whiners are afraid of trying something new?

  6. Laura O

    I am so excited to see lion fish on the menu at the most populous park in the world! Lion fish are invasive to the Caribbean and Atlantic Oceans (usually only found in the Pacific). Their numbers are expanding at alarming rates and they have no natural predators in the Caribbean and Atlantic, so are eating whatever other fish they want and really hurting reef ecosystems. I am a marine scientist and my colleagues and I have been hoping that lion fish would become a popular fish for recipes. Disney Parks is doing a great thing by introducing visitors to this yummy fish whose consumption is so helpful to our oceans! I am assuming that these are wild caught and would encourage Disney to take a moment to add information about this to the menu and advertise this as a sustainable seafood choice.

  7. Andy Yacos

    Hi, finally dined at Skipper’s Canteen yesterday (long awaited and planned). We loved it, as we were in the SEA room, still fresh and looking neat. For starters we opted for the SEA Sui Mai – which was spicy, and okay. I had the ‘Beefy Pasta’ and my wife the ‘Heads on Shrimp’for dinner – both super yummy, filling and recommended. I was happy to see Berr offered, now. This is a great get away from the crowds and hubbub. Our waiter kept the jokes to a bare minimum; only yakking on once about ‘What’s on the Menu……..’, the rest of the night was pure professionalism.

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