Comments for Walt Disney World responds to fatal alligator attack by cutting jokes out of Jungle Cruise ride and posting new warning signs


  1. Joanna

    Consider changing the title to “removes” jokes instead of “cutting” jokes. When I read the headline I thought the article was trying to see Jungle Cruise operators were MAKING jokes about it. Or was that sensationalism the intention of that particular wording of this article?

    1. Never in my life have I heard the term “cutting’ jokes to mean telling jokes. ever.

      1. James Cobalt

        I’ve heard the expression several times. It might be a regionalism.

        1. Douglas todd

          Agreed… I think it goes hand in hand with “Cutting Up”

        2. Matt

          Probably. Like the word bubbler

        3. Suzy

          Cutting jokes means to remove jokes from something. The jokes are cut from the script.

      2. cathie

        Well, you’re probably very young then. “Cutting a Joke” is a common term. Google it.

        1. KayCee

          Yes, Cathie! In fact, so much so, that a jokester is often referred to as a “cutup”.

        2. Zidders Roofurry

          ‘Cutting up’ or ‘cutting a joke’ are ooooooold terms. Nobody under 40 uses those terms anymore.

    2. Surya Fernandez

      To use the term in that peculiar way is certainly not common but headline has been slightly edited for clarification.

      1. Tick Toc Crock

        More evidence you can’t make anything idiot proof rather it’s Disneyworld or reporting on Disneyworld smh

      2. Reagan

        Your name isn’t blue were you kicked

    3. Megan

      No one knows if the one liner joke will even return so it actually kind of was cut.

    4. cathie

      Thank you for saying that! I thought the same thing while reading the title. That’s the reason I read the article in the first place. He/she probably did it on purpose.

  2. This is NOT the first time that a person has been ambushed by a gator on Disney property…look up the story with FOX news about a boy feeding the ducks and a gator tried to take him to his watery grave…but his brother and sister helped save him…..Disney was aware of the gators and did nothing to protact there guset SHAME ON DISNEY!

    1. Tick Toc Crock

      Nothing except post signs everywhere telling people to stay out of the water in areas where wildlife is present. It was parental negligence.

      1. anby

        you jerk. they weren’t swimming they were at waters edge like 1000s if kids before them. you must have no kods or a heart of stone. no one outside of FL knows there are gators. I wouldn’t have thought about it and i am a very responsible parent. how dare you judge these poor people? Shame on you.

        1. Really

          Pull your head out of your a** Anby. You must be really ignorant if you didn’t know that Florida has gators. They even have a football team named the Florida Gators you Ignorant POS. That two year old shouldn’t have been in the water at 9pm at night regardless of what lives in the water.

          1. Becca

            And we have the Arkansas Razorbacks but I have never in my life seen one except at the zoo. “No swimming” in no way suggests dangerous wildlife. It suggests no lifeguard on duty. The mother was right with him. Anyone who says otherwise is obviously NOT a parent.

          2. Harrison Bergeron

            @”Really”–your angry and rude response (“ignorant POS”, etc.) to someone who is just asking for a little empathy for the parents is totally uncalled for. Even if one is fully aware of the dangers of wild alligators in Florida, you might mistakenly think, since you are at a man-made lake, next to an expensive resort on Disney property, with no barriers and no signs warning of alligators, and with the sight of dozens of other tourists wading in the shallows without any staff members ordering them out of the water, that the lake had been made safe, perhaps with underwater barriers or something. Inside the parks you are constantly being told not to do this or that for your own safety (“keep your hands inside the car at all times”, etc.) and this family was no doubt still in the “Disney bubble”.

        2. jimmyjohns

          Hold up – you’re trying to claim that people outside the state of Florida have no idea that there are gators here? Seriously? That’s like saying I don’t know there are bears in the woods in Alaska or great whites off the coast of South Africa. What a ridiculous statement. Now, that does not mean that it’s his parent’s fault. But, it’s also not Disney’s. Signs wouldn’t have done anything – people would still let their kids stand by the water’s edge. Even though people know that there are alligators in lakes and sharks in the ocean, millions participate in water activities – surfing, skiing, swimming, etc. It’s just a tragic accident.

        3. Kp

          He was in the water. Not at the edge. News said he was knee deep

        4. TJ

          Anby, that information is actually incorrect. The child was wading out into the water and was waist deep when the alligator attacked. It is a wildlife preserve and it is well known that this is the case. The signage says that you are not allowed in the water. It is a terrible occurrence but the fact remains that it is the parents responsibility to take care of their 2 year old and in this instance the most horrible event happened in the few moments they weren’t paying attention. The respinbility lies with the parents unfortunately.

          1. TJ


      2. VW

        It was parental negligence.
        I am
        A parent.
        The father stated “we were several feet away on the beach”
        They were NOT next to him.
        They were wrong.

    2. Finally someone agree with me !
      You are absolutely right!

    3. Megan

      It’s probably the first FATAL attack though

    4. Megan

      Also no swimming kind of suggests they should not go near the water or in kind of should of been a natural instinct not to let the kid go anywhere near the water. Also they Probably do not have gators in the swamp 24/7 but parents of kids should know better then to let a kid near the water when there’s a No Swimming sign plus they Probbaly did not want to scare people away by putting up a “Danger:Keep out of the water because of Gators in the water sign” when they probably get gators ever once in a while but it’s not like the gators belong to Disney world.

      What other signs could they put up near the swamp? They Probbaly do not want to scare families into not staying at the grand floridan resort plus the tragedy could of been prevented if the parents had not let their kid near the water just in case there was a gator or tried to save him. Disney world is a family place they do not want to scare people with their warning signs.

      1. No one

        Does anyone think of,there’s already have a sign says don’t get near or swimming in the water.. ANY WHY THAT PARENTS STILL TAKE THERE SON NEAR THE WATER!? This is not all Disney fault

        1. Salem

          The sign said no swimming. It did not say stay out of the water or no wading. Disney put up a beautiful beach and added activities on the beach to invite people to congregate on the beach. I think it would be a reasonable expectation that you are safe and your kids are safe on a resort property. Now if the signs said stay out of the water or alligators present then you have a different story. People should be made aware that there is a risk on the property that alligators are in their waters. Just because you know alligators are in Florida doesn’t mean that people are aware that they are on a family resort property.

    5. Megan

      And Disney is trying their best to keep visitors safe they do not want to scare people away with their signs. It is really more the parents fault for letting their kid near the water at night in a wildlife area when there was a sign telling people not go in or near the water. It’s kind of obvious it’s more the parents fault for not noticing the sign in the wildlife area the 2 year old would still be alive if vistors noticed the signs about not going in or near the water where wildlife is present and really Disney is not so much as blaming the parents of kids as letting them know to look out of warning signs and keeping a better eye on their kids near wildlife areas to prevent tragedies from happening.

      1. Melissa Spake

        It is no one’s fault.. It was an accident.. It wasn’t exactly a nature area. It was a Beach. They were on the beach watching the nightly movie. Yes, they do not allow swimming in the lagoon, but every time I have ever been I have seen children playing at the waters edge. On the other side during the day they canoe and rent jet skis to ride on the same lake.. It was just a horrible horrible accident… Stop placing blame

        1. Zidders Roofurry

          No it pretty much is Disney’s fault on this one.

    6. Megan

      Also 99% percent of the time the gators take off when humans approach they don’t usually attack. So unless a lot of gators end up being hungry attacks rarely happen with gators at Disney world.

    7. Melissa Spake

      They actually DO Thomas Tolbert. I am assuming you know VERY little about Alligators. Disney has a procedure in place, when ever a Gator of any size at all is spotted a crew is called in, the Animal located and removed from Disney property to a safer location. They also do regular “round ups” just to check that no large Gators have migrated in. Because Alligators are constantly on the move. They fight for territory, and a nice place like Seven seas lagoon with no large male claiming it with lots of fish and birds is prime realty for Gators. So no matter how many they take out, new ones move in. And yes even though they have barriers to try to keep them out of the property.. They are smart. There are several streams that feed The lagoon, and they just dig under the nets and come in through the streams.. You can’t Alligator proof Florida unless you build a bubble around it.

    8. Reagan

      And another kid in the 80s was attacked by one they really should step up there game

    9. MDoze

      TT, that was 1986…1986! and of course they knew about the gators, everyone knows there are gators. It’s central Florida! They are EVERYWHERE. Does every resort on the ocean need to put up signs listing all of the inherent dangers there?

      1. Salem

        Of course not. That is a totally different scenario. When you swim in a lake or ocean or visit a state park you are in nature and should know the inherent risks involved. When you are on a resort property made for families you do not think there is any risk unless you were told ahead of time. I am sure this family and many others don’t do research to see if they might get attacked by an alligator on Disney property. If there was ven the slightest risk then Disney or any other resort needs to let the public know.

    10. Tragic and sad, but part of life.

      That previous encounter was 1986…1986! and of course they knew about the gators, everyone knows there are gators. It’s central Florida! They are EVERYWHERE.
      This event was heart breaking and truly awful, but with the amazing volume of visitors, it was inevitable. Does every resort on the ocean need to put up signs listing all of the inherent dangers there?
      Gators are a known and constant danger in CF.
      My prayers to the family.

    11. Reciecupp

      I totally agree with Thomas. It said no swimming and the boy was not swimming. Considering it has happened before, Disney should have learned from past mistakes. Not warning people who are from other parts of the country, who are not necessarily thinking about alligators because they just don’t realize that they are in alligator country, is negligent on the part of Disney. Disney settled the last time with a strict gag order. I wouldn’t settle on this one because the baby is dead. Disney should have done more.

      1. Brianna

        actually the parents lost the case. disney would rather pay 3 lawyers 5 million a piece rather then give them 1 million.

    12. Brianna

      disney has signs every where. i’m an annual pass holder and i’m there every month. parental negligence is a big part of this whole situation. shame on you for saying shame on disney. and actually they did a lot of things to *protect their guests.

  3. EricJ

    And before they try to cut Tick-Tock, let’s point out that crocodiles are NOT alligators, and aren’t as often found on the bayou.

    And the general No Swimming signs were because of bacteria, but does point out just how many out-of-town non-Florida midwest folk don’t consider gators on golf course water hazards as “oh, those again”.

    1. anby


    2. Megan

      True but it also kind of means do not go near the water because of wildlife like gators. Although gators at Disney world usually take off when humans approach the water they very rarely attack. So either a lot of tragedies happen because the people and kids end up encountering angry hungry gators. Or a lot of gators are thinking people are snacks.but the Disney alligators very rarely attack they usually swim away and get scared off when people approach.

  4. Natasha

    I’m very sorry that’s a little boy lost his life in Disney World but the jungle cruise does not do that I’ve been on that ride I don’t see anything wrong with it they do not crack jokes about anything it’s just a damn ride

    1. Megan

      They Probbaly removed the jokes so it would not scare people.and usually gators at Disney world get scared off and swim away when people approach the water so unless the gators think people are food or something like that

    2. Ahnsael

      “They do not crack jokes about anything?” Are you absolutely sure you’ve been on the Jungle Cruise? The entire script is one corny joke after another (and has been since the attraction opened with Walt Disney World in 1971 — the Jungle Cruise at Disneyland, even, hasn’t been joke-free since the ‘serious’ spiel was abandoned in 1962).

      And those jokes include the one quoted in the article, as well as one along the lines of “keep your hands and arms inside the boat — the crocodiles are always looking for a hand out.” It’s just in good taste to drop those jokes from the spiel after what happened a couple days ago.

  5. Angela

    I’ve heard cutting jokes before. We all have different expressions.

  6. anby

    you are a true asshole hiding in internet anonymity. say that to their faces you judgemental jerk.

    1. EricJ

      Yep, troll alert. Mods, this one’s yours.

      1. Tick Toc Crock

        Self righteous asshole alert! Mods we adults can’t deal with other people’s opinions please please make it stop. Lmao

    2. Jenny

      Get some healing from your multiple abortions. Stop your child hatred.

    3. Chris

      There’s cold-hearted, then there is heartless, to which the latter is you. Disney is completely at fault and will pay dearly for this. You obviously have zero understanding of legal responsibilities. Neighboring hotels have plenty of signage warning of wildlife (cottonmouths being far dangerous than gators), not just simply stating “no swimming”, to which the child was not swimming. Maybe in your world does no swimming equate to “do not come in contact with water”, but considering all the water sport activities that take place in the lagoon, that argument is baseless. Countless families have socialized at the water’s edge, you twit. It was not just a norm, it was encouraged. Your a parent-less troll with little understanding of the real world.

      1. Bethany

        I don’t know why there is so much hatred towards Disney now. It was a tragic accident that happened but it definitely is not Disney’s fault here. They can’t control the wildlife in Florida. I know first hand that they do everything they can to prevent accidents from happening. Think about it, they have in the hundred thousands of people visiting their property on a daily basis and had only a few tragic events over the years. My heart goes out to the little boy that lost his life. The question shouldn’t be why was there not more information on the sign? It should be why do people ignore the rules and signs posted? It is common sense to stay out/ away from any body of water at night. Florida or anywhere else for that matter. The risk is always greater at dusk and into the morning hours. I do have a strong belief that more parents need to be held responsible for pure negligence. ( responding to the comments above) This incident was a very tragic one but could of been prevented by just following the rules. It’s very sad that their vacation ended up as a nightmare that NO family would want to endure. Everyone is entitled to their opinion but for people to post how Disney should be closed down and sued is ridiculous. Speaking for myself, there isn’t any amount of money in the world that could ever replace my child and I’m sure everyone that is a parent could agree with me on that.

      2. KayCee

        I think Orlando will become like Mexico now….not a destination of choice. Their negligence will cost them, I agree.

  7. Lisbet

    First crocodiles are not found in the bayou, alligators do. American crocodiles range is from the Florida Keys north to Miami-Dade County on the east side of the state and Ft Meyers on the west.
    The jokes I have seen used have be Old Smiley looking for a hand out and Ginger snapping ( yes seen, I use ASL)
    I have not heard of Nile crocodiles in Florida. American crocs are also found in Cuba.
    I feel so sorry for this family’s loss. I do not blame them or Disney for what happened. It was just a horrible set of circumstances that lead to tragedy

  8. Tampa Mom

    Accidents happen. I know people here love Disney and don’t want to see them vilified, but blaming the parents goes too far. Small children are living proof of faster than light travel. The poor boy could have been in the water and grabbed before the parents had a chance to say or do anything. Right now they are living through a million ‘what ifs’, and it is unfair to dump even more guilt on them.

  9. I believe you are so wrong, shame of you.

  10. Andrew

    I also speculated whether or not Louis the Alligator from ‘The Princess and the Frog’ would be appearing in Mickey’s Friendship Faire. Families who have seen the movie know he’s a nice alligator, but there is a possibility that he might scare the park guests who haven’t seen it.

    1. Leeview

      What a hard working troll ! At 0.10$ /post you are making a lot of money.

      1. Tick Toc Crock

        And who do you think is paying me? Disney? I can’t just be an outraged Disney lover who’s tired of hearing about dead kids on the news?!? You probably think people leave babies in hot cars on accident too.

      2. Tick Toc Crock

        For the record I’m a pampered house wife who reads a lot of ITM while lounging by the pool staring at the ocean but I’ll have to look into the .10 per post thing. You’re so very, very intelligent and Worley aren’t you? It’s tough out there on the 99% I feel sorry for their children

        1. Zidders Roofurry

          Wow. You’re an ass.

        2. Carri

          Tic tic cork ( of) – sorry, usually do not use rude language, you seemed to invite it. Rabbi, ignorant and small of brain as well as sociopathically cruel! The beach at the manmade lagoon invites you towards the water because the lagoon was originally built for swimming and surfing. Surfing discontinued early on as waves from wave machines were eroding the beach; swimming much later – reason given that watercraft on the manmade lagoon were a danger to the swimmers and there was a mumble about unsafe bacteria levels. A 1971 map of DW. shows swimming and water skiing were listed as activities on the alligator infested natural lake on the other side of the lagoon where water activities are still featured – some like canoeing, kayaking, waterskiing that

        3. Carri

          I am typing on a tablet that changes spelling and posted prematurely. ‘Rabbi’ should read ‘rabid’ and ‘crock’ of was Ms-spelled. The lagoon was originally built for swimming. Alligators and snakes were not among the reasons given for discontinuing swimming. No one expects alligators in a manmade lagoon in a luxury resort that once encouraged swimming there. Family activities are encouraged on the beach. Children play and build sand castles filling there sand buckets with water from the lagoon. People walk along and children splash at the waters edge. Not only are there not signs prohibiting this, staff allows it.
          Since you are the expert, how far does such a superior being as you avoid the waters edge “where Everyone Knows there are alligators”. Several feet? Several yards? A beach away? Were earlier guests to D.W alligator bait and intentional targets for snake bites but insurence put an end to Disney’s evil intents? I am sure they are as smart as you! But they did later know the dangers. Danger from watercraft and a mumble about bacteria levels are reasons Disney gave for the discontinued swimmingThere were alligator incidents including one not long before this unnecessary tradgedy, on the grass right outside a hotel where a dad had to sprint to scoop his child from an alligator that was about to lunge at his preschooler. He felt his child almost met a similar fate had he not been fast enough or did not see the gator. He reported it to hotel officials who brushed it off and knew of that gator and talked of it almost as the resort pet. He thinks it was the same gator that attacked the Graves boy. A janitor at D.W alarmed at all the snakes and alligators he spotted in the lagoon warned officials barriers should be erected at the edge of the lagoon. Disney knew of the alligator problem, past attacks, gators found all over the resort including magic kingdom, hotel lawns (where guests feed gators from balconies), golf course, ladies rest room….but warning guests might scare people..not good for business and image. Staff warned officials about people feeding alligators from the new huts in Polynesian village hanging out over the lagoon close to where the toddler was attacked, feeding gator from their decks over the lagoon. (Gators becoming less afraid of people and equating them with food, basically inviting them). But the were loathe to reprimand guests paying $2000 a night. “No swimming” – some signs giving the explanation “steep drop-off” does. Not say “stay far from waters edge ” and don’t even think about dipping your toes in, even though we originally built this fake lagoon for swimming .” “No signs what -so-ever anywhere warning about alligators and snakes being a danger! The parents did nothing wrong. Disney was clearly at fault! I’ll make a separate post about “no swimming” signs.

  11. Garaan

    I don’t think it’s right to overreact by removing established characters over what equates to a kid being in the wrong place at the wrong time. I don’t know… to me it’d be like shutting down Pirates of the Caribbean because of Somali pirate attacks, or I dunno, removing all the rainbows in the parks because of the Pulse shooting. Removing a line of throw-away dialogue in the Jungle Boats is a small thing; removing Tick-Tock from Peter Pan changes the plot of the story, and does a disservice to the ride.

    Disney World is built in a swamp. Gators live in swamps. That’s what they -do-. The gator was presented with what it figured was a tasty snack and it took it, as instinct demands. I agree that maybe ‘gator warning’ signs would have been more appropriate than ‘no swimming’ signs but probably they were trying to be as noninflammatory as possible. Sure, the parents shouldn’tve let their kid into the water either. But really, it’s a freak concatenation of small errors that ended up with a tragic result, not egregious negligence on anyone’s part.

    1. Megan

      Either that or the parents should of kept a better on their kid and it could of been prevented. They should of saw the no swimming sign and kept the kid from going in. Okay actually there’s a million ways it could of been prevented.

      1. Morgan

        Stfu Megan!!! This was a pure accident, no one is at fault here.Same thing could have happen to your dumb ass .

        1. Tick Toc Crock

          Nope as Megan said she would follow the directions on the sing. So her ass would be just fine not dead like the kid with parents who can’t read.

    2. Sloth

      I agree on all points except the signage issue. The ‘no swimming’ sign wasn’t posted as a ‘gators present’ kind of thing, it is meant to basically be ‘don’t get in this water period’ which is typically what anyone thinks when they see signs like those around water sources. It’s usually because the water is unsafe in some way or another, in this case being that it’s not only intended for boating only and no people, but also because of the deadly brain amoebas found in the water and the potential wildlife hazards (because gators may not 100% of the time be present since this particular lake is fed by a river that they can easily get in and out from.)

      But otherwise, I agree. It’s pointless to remove any gator/croc characters from established stories. The joke in JC is one thing, since it could essentially be seen as disrespectful to leave in a joke about crocs and children (ignoring the fact that this was a gator), but no one should care that Louis is coming out dancing around playing a horn or that old Tick Tock is chasing Cap’n Hook.

      1. Garaan

        Disney’s done pretty well at quietly just letting the whole amoebic parasite thing just gently fade into history. So I’m not at all surprised the family didn’t have a clue that would have been the reason. For all they likely knew (aside from just the common sense of gator proximity), the ‘no swimming’ could have just been ‘this is really deep and there’s no lifeguard’ and since the boy wasn’t actually swimming, they didn’t think it was an issue. In an ideal world, the ‘no swimming’ would have been coupled with another sign with some of the reasons why… but hindsight is always 20/20.

        1. jumbo

          I think that your comment makes a lot of sense.

  12. Megan

    It is true though it could of been prevented if the kid’s parents would keep track of their kids a lot better and keeping track of no swimming signs.Disney world resort is a family place so parents really should keep track of their kids and warning signs to prevent tragedies like this from happening you should not just leave your kid to do whatever they want without Keeping their eye on them.

    1. NYMom

      THE MOM WAS RIGHT THERE. The sign said “no swimming” not “no wading” not “stay out of water” not “stay away from water”. Disney is centered around creating a magical experience for their guests and are go above and beyond to make sure that you don’t have a care in the world while you are on property. So, even though there was a no swimming sign, those parents did not perceive any danger. Their child was ankle deep in the same water that many other children were in during that same time frame. To me, some of these comments on here are completely ridiculous and uncalled for. It’s seems like you’re saying that the parents basically put their son into the alligator’s mouth. That child’s parents did not intentionally put their child in harms way and to suggest otherwise is completely idiotic.

      1. Tick Toc Crock

        They were 30 ft away. You don’t leave a 2 yr old alone in a bathtub but 30 ft away wading in a large body of water AT NIGHT?!? Child could have just as easily drwoned no gator needed. Please keep defending the inept parents like these and the ones at the zoo and let’s see how many more kids can die before we think we should hold adults responsible for not keeping children safe. No swimming means stay out of the water. Disney can’t make anything idiot proof enough for the real idiots out there.

        1. Bethany

          I definitely agree!!!!!! People should stop trying to push blame on others and start taking responsibility for their own actions!

  13. Megan

    It is true it could of been prevented if the parents kept a better watch on their kids when they are at the park even though blaming them is not right it still
    Could of been prevented

  14. vaca

    First of all, my heart absolutely breaks for the family!
    Secondly, I can’t believe some of the unkind, judgmental remarks I am reading. People, it is enough that the parents will live with this tragedy for the rest of their lives but to blame them on top of that pain? Where are your hearts? Where is your compassion? They’ve lost their precious baby… It’s a horrible accident! And…none of you, I’m assuming, were actually there….were you there to see this toddler, to see where the parents were? Just curious, how many of you have ever had a toddler?
    Thirdly, I live on the west coast. ‘no swimming’ signs, where I live, mean no swimming. It would be quite appropriate for a toddler to splash on the water’s edge at our beaches. That is NOT swimming. I have been to DW twice, visited the Grand Floridian & stayed at the Polynesian, which shares the same body of water. I did not know there were gators in those waters until hearing of this tragedy. When I saw the beach area at the hotels, I figured it was for sunbathing, playing and perhaps wading.
    I would imagine Disney will be adding alligator signage to their no swimming signs.

    Please stop judging the parents~ Their pain is unbearable!

    1. vaca

      and my question to you Floridians that are familiar with alligators…do they go onto the sand or just stay in the water? I would hate to be on the beach in a lawn chair, sunbathing and have one slither by.

      1. Becky

        Oh, believe me… they’ll go on land of they want to. I lived there for a year and used to frequently visit (I have relatives there). They’ll come in your yard! That’s why we never let our daughter play outside without an adult watching!

      2. Terrie

        Yes, they come out and will often wander into a person’s swimming pool overnight. Look in the pool before you leap is key. They don’t generally wander around though during the day and they tend to stay close to the water unless they are relocating territory. As a Floridian, I know to simply expect there is a gator, snapping turtle or water moccasin in any fresh body of water, be it man-made or otherwise. My heart breaks for the family and while I am a huge Disney fan I never understood why the signs didn’t warn the tourists about the possibility of gators.

  15. Disney guest

    Our family stayed at that very resort in 2015. Our room was near that beach. This was the beach / pool area we spent most of our time at.
    The beach is next to the pool,a splash pad, and on the beach is a large fire pit, to sit near. Which is lit at night. To me that encourages guests to be near the waters edge. There is also a parade and fireworks that can be viewed from the resort beaches, both nighttime events.
    Our children (all children) played in the water up to their ankles. They filled their sand buckets to build their sandcastle. We were told this was ok, just no swimming due to the bacteria in Florida lakes.
    We also rented a ski doo, and water skied on this same lake.
    I honestly never thought about the alligators. I was more worried about the bacteria.
    I guess being from an area that does not have alligators. I assumed Disney did not have alligators on property. I had no idea how it is impossible to keep them out, until this tragedy happened. Disney World does not have mosquitos. All the years we have been, never a mosquito bite. We visited another resort nearby and were bitten badly. To me keeping mosquitos under controls seemed more difficult that large alligators. This is because we just don’t have them where we live, so our knowledge is limited.
    I have been to Disney many times,and stayed on the lagoon.
    Our last trip our room was on the the lagoon at the Poly bungalows. Our kids played on the deck on the lagoon.
    There are no mosquitos, at Disney, but other places in Florida are overwhelmed with them.
    Very sad for the family. My prayers go out to them. I just thought this information may provide a different perspective.

  16. Seriously

    It blows my mind how people say “kids play in the water there all the time.” They WEREN’T supposed to do so. Just because other parents allowed their kids to break the rules is sufficient for some of you to do so??? The sign says no swimming. Why would it need to tell you why?? Just follow the rules. Sheesh. It isn’t Disney’s fault yet so many people are saying hiw Disney should make the lake safe. Uhhh no. Disney told you not to get in it. It may be a wonderful magical place, but it isn’t heaven people. They can’t control for everysinglefreakinthing. This is a horrible and tragic accident, but it could have been prevented. Actions have consequences- we may not like them but they are a natural and undeniable fact of life.

    1. Bethany

      Nicely said! It’s funny how so many parents will admit to allowing their kids to swim or ” play” in the water and break the rules, let alone send the media pictures of them doing so! Disney is not invincible from the world’s problems just because it’s ” The Happiest Place On Earth” and cost a small fortune to go. Parents need to understand Disney is not a baby sitter, it’s a place to enjoy your family time together but still responsibly. You don’t know how many times I have gone and parents are arguing with cast members to allow their kids to ride certain rides regardless of the size requirements, or want to put their kid on a ledge to get ” that perfect picture” , or allow your kids to roam freely around resorts and in parks. The problem is, the sense of intitlement people think they have because they ” paid” to be there so now they will do what they want!! The problem is , someone has to be responsible for the actions when things go wrong and guess what, the parents never want to take the blame for something terrible happening to their own child! It has become the sad truth!

  17. joe

    The parents need to be charged with something for letting a 2 year old wade in the water anyways they turned their backs and now he’s gone because they didn’t listen to the rules of Disney just like no one ever does because all of the rules are so pointless to the slef entitled brats that are “guests” think they can do whatever they want to but now people will see why Disney has rules because if you don’t listen or read the sign you will get hurt

    1. Morgan

      “Self entitled brats”? Sounds like jealousy to me.Don’t be mad if you can’t afford to vacation there. Lol!!!,Sell your trailer and come on over

      1. joe

        It’s called being a cast member haha I can go whenever the hell I want for free and every single damn person that visits is self entitled and spoiled they think they deserve to get whatever the hell they want and push us around at least something finally happened that will get them to listen

        1. vaca

          I’m surprised you, Joe, are a ‘cast member’. You just don’t seem to fit the bill with such cruel words.
          I am a huge Disney fan-have visited Disneyland more times than I can count, as a child, an adult with my children & now with my grandchild (age 2 btw-maybe having him is why I’m more compassionate than you.) I also visited DW twice.
          I am NOT ‘self entitled and spoiled’ like you describe all Disney guests.
          My daughter was a DW cast member in the college program as a character performer. She felt ‘honored’ to be a cast member. She loved her work, the guests & went over & above to represent Disney & it’s image. I’m sorry sir, but I don’t think with your attitude, you should be allowed to work for Disney.
          And I’m sure Disney, who is run by ‘humans’ who are not perfect, will do their best to try to further protect us ‘self entitled and spoiled’ guests with additional warnings & signage.
          My warning to you: if you ever visit the west coast where I am from, with your children (which I doubt you have any), I hope you read up on our area first & educate yourself on our sharks, sea lions, seals, elk, deer, cougars, etc so that you will know where they reside and how to keep yourself safe.
          For me, I’m glad that no harm came to me while staying at the Polynesian & Yacht Club having NO idea that alligators were in the park waters.
          My prayers go out to this family, a horrible tragedy, which has changed their lives forever.

        2. Mel

          Being a cast member, you should know that any finger pointing is not allowed!

        3. KayCee

          At a whopping seven bucks an hour, no wonder you sound bitter!

  18. WdwReg

    But the “rule” on the sign said no swimming. The child was wading. The definition of “wade” on is:
    “To walk in water, when partially immersed: He wasn’t swimming, he was wading.” Since the sign didn’t prohibit wading and also didn’t explain the danger, I don’t think it is fair to criticize the parents for not abiding by the rules.

    1. Wading is still considered swimming just like diving in water is considered swimming.. Being in the water in anyway is prohibited

      1. Bethany

        Agreed and they do have signs that say danger, stay out of the water! People are just grasping at straws now! If there is a sign FOLLOW IT!

  19. Catherine Walden

    I always thought that people in Florida had a pretty cavalier attitude about alligators. Just because attacks are infrequent, does not mean that we shouldnt be vigilant and wary around any body of water in Florida. Alligators, like any wildlife predator are powerful and totally unpredictable. I believe there should be more signage about alligators in Florida, most especially in that setting where there are children playing near a waters edge. There should definitely have been signs about alligators in a lagoon where children are playing.
    Its incomprehensible to me that there were not. Disney had taken alligators out of that lagoon in the past and there is no way to keep them out. Those parents were in no way at fault, in my opinion.

  20. Gia

    This was a truly horrific and unthinkable tragedy. My heart goes out to the family. I have not been able to get it out of mind since hearing of it. When the no swimming signs were originally posted at WDW, I took that to mean not to enter the water-period. I was surprised to learn, during discussions with my co-workers, some felt it meant wading was ok, because it is not technically swimming. My perception could be the result of a much more visible staff presence in the past that would not permit anyone to enter the lagoon water.

  21. Anna

    At the end of the day it’s not who’s at fault that matters it’s that an innocent little boy lost his life in a horrific way. I cannot imagine what the parents and family must be going through. The little boy had a sister – imagine what she is going through. This is not the time to blame or point fingers it’s a time for mourning and extending empathy to those affected.

    1. vaca

      Well said Anna.

  22. Eileen

    Are you confusing this with the term “crack a joke”? I have never heard of what you’re trying to accuse ITM of. It’s pretty clear to me that the skippers are cutting jokes out of their routine in light of what happened. Furthermore, the real storyline here is how Disney handling the tragic event by addressing the sensitivity of it all. Your gripe with a headline should be yours alone.

  23. Ken

    Disney knew about alligators have been entered the lake where guests freely walk around.

    When we see a sign says “no swimming” at the resort in a theme park, many people would think its safe play with water on the edge, especially when guests don’t know the reasons.
    (It would be for poisoned water, strong current, wild animal, crowd control, machine operation under the water or no life guard )

    Certainly, overwhelming amount of guests wouldn’t suspect there are alligators drug a child in the water. In that case, most guests would feel a fense or any preventive measurement is necessary. Alligators can walk onto the land.

    Guests from all over the world come to visit Disney theme park.
    Displaying a signage has NEVER used solely to warn or manage a life threatening danger in a park and resort.
    This is basic protocol on public safety, from hospitals to airports.

    I love Disney and my heart goes out to a family lost their baby.

  24. Diane

    No signs regarding dangerous animals in the water what the hell was Disney thinking. Poor little boy.

  25. Bryan

    Yes it is sad. But do people see what is going to happen? I’m sure that lawyers are lining up now to get the family to sue. If Disney has to update their signs, they will also have to post their signs in every imaginable language so a person from Kenya will not sue b/c they couldn’t read the sign. Why do you think kitchen beaters come with a warning not to lick the beaters while in operation?

    1. Diane

      There should have been signs. How many years has that resort been there , and is considered to be an upper scale resort

    2. Momotwo

      Here’s the difference. All this “the parents should have known better.” Ok, Google Disney Resort Events! Or better yet. Save time! I did it for you! Because no one here wants to believe anything that requires any trouble and they are obviously uninformed! Sing around the campfire and watch a FREE Disney movie. The campfire program at Ft. Wilderness is open to all Walt Disney World resort guests. It is held every evening, at about 7:00 pm in fall and winter and about 8:00 pm in spring and summer, near the Meadow Trading Post. The program starts with a sing-a-long and marshmallow roast. You can bring your own food or buy it from the Chuckwagon, which sells S’more kits for about $9 (makes enough for about 4 people) and also offers other food such as pizza and hot dogs. Chip and Dale meet the guests and sign autographs. Then a Disney movie is shown on a large outdoor screen. There is some seating on bleachers and benches, or you can lay out a blanket. No reservations necessary — just show up. Cost: FREE to all Disney resort guests.

      A similar outdoor campfire and movie program is offered at Beach Club Resort and at the Grand Floridian Resort. There is a campfire sing-along on the beach, followed by a Disney movie. (No characters attend.) Ask at the front desk for a schedule. S’more kits that make enough for about 4 people are sold for about $9. No reservations necessary — just show up. Cost: FREE to all Disney resort guests.
      Port Orleans-Riverside offers a seasonal “Campfire on de’ Bayou” with stories and sing-alongs around a fire at the Ol’ Man Island Fishin’ Hole. (No characters attend.) It usually runs in the winter, from Halloween through sometime in March, and only a couple of nights a week (most recently, Sunday and Thursday), weather permitting. Ask at the front desk for a schedule. S’more kits that make enough for about 4 people are sold for about $9. No reservations necessary — just show up. Cost: FREE to all Disney resort guests.
      Take a stroll. There are lovely walkways or nature trails around almost all of the resorts. This is “DISNEY SPONSORED EVENTS from Disney guides!” They aren’t only “encouraging” people to “walk down by the water.” They are inviting them! Let’s just lure prey down to the water for the gators to munch on! This isn’t about signs being there! It’s about “intent!”

      At night you can wander along the Polynesian’s beach and watch the Electrical Water Pageant and the fireworks over the Magic Kingdom. Walk through the tiki-torchlit gardens between the Great Ceremonial House and the beach. It’s all very romantic. (Please keep in mind that the beach is primarily intended for guests of the Polynesian, though there is nothing to prevent the general public from visiting.)
      Watch the Wishes Fireworks from the Grand Floridian boat dock. Narcoossees restaurant is nearby and receives the audio soundtrack from the Magic Kingdom, so you can enjoy the fireworks synchronized to the music. There’s a little bit of delay due to the distance, but it still works. Seeing the fireworks reflect off of the lake is beautiful.

  26. Mel

    This is a sad tragedy all around! I have been to WDW many many times and am a devoted Disney fan. I have swam in the lake back in the 70’s as a kid and all honestly, I didn’t think they were alligators in the lake, even today. Even though it is Florida and swampy, but i always thought Disney does something to keep alligators away (just like the mosquitos) and I thought not allowed to swim was because of the bacteria problem (hence they closed River Country because of it). I don’t blame the parents one bit because it could happened to any one of us, and if anyone is at fault, i would have to say Disney, since there no reports that they knew there are alligators in the lake. One other thing i have to say, i think the bungalows built on the lake at the Polynesian Resort made have change wildlife to come closer to shore area. I am reading reports that there were some guests feeding from the bungalows. But regardless, there is a little precious boy who lost his life and his parents will have to deal with this for rest of their lives. I pray that God will give them the peace and strength as they go through new chapter of grief. Rest In peace, Angel Lane.

  27. KayCee

    Is Florida going to step up its game in hunting these gators? They were once endangered and maybe should have gone the way of the dinosaurs. Ecosystem bah! Eat or be eaten! Floridians who want to tout their state as a tourism mecca might need bring back the hunt BEFORE not after tragedies arise. It seems there was contributory negligence on both sides of this tragic loss. Who is going to watch fireworks by that water now ? Ugh

  28. Whtboyslangn

    Look up the word swimming. The boy was swimming. As posted on sign. It’s Florida gators are well known. Toursist must do their own research before traveling to a destination.

  29. Diane

    This is a supposedly well maintained resort not a cheap motel . I could see if I was staying by the Everglades or undeveloped swamp area but a Disney beautiful hot

  30. Diane

    But a beautiful resort
    It broke my heart when I heard the news and saw the picture of that little boy. A cute Angel.

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  32. Michael

    As tragic as this event is, Disney can’t be held accountable for alligators on their property.
    If it’s fresh water in Florida(also Georgia, Mississippi, Louisiana and a few others) there is going to be gators in it….
    They are a protected species. And as hard to get rid of as Canadian geese.
    Horrible event.

  33. Diane

    Well they have to after what happened

  34. Momotwo

    He was in ankle deep water – he was in knee deep water – he was in waist deep water – everyone seems to know! Yet not one who “knows” was THERE! “He shouldn’t have been in the water after dark and it wouldn’t have happened!” Disney was having one of their evening events is the REASON they were on the beach at that time! It’s a regular occurence and people are invited – why do this if THEY know it’s dangerous? I’ve stood on the bank by the Contemporary and watched the light parade on the water after dark! Gators DO come up on the bank! My husband took my asthmatic niece out on the lawn at the Contemporary to sit in lawn chairs and fell asleep for a bit. They weren’t far from water until midnight. Gators DO come OUT of the water! Don’t believe me? Ask the child who was attacked at the campground in 1986! He lived ONLY because the gator was NOT in the water! His sister and dad were able to save him from the monster! These parents were ONLY guilty of TRUSTING Disney to provide an environment to take their children for a safe fun vacation. I’ve been there with my kids when they were young, my nieces and nephew when they were young, and my grandkids when they were young. I’ve always felt they were in the safest place they could be. That’s what they lead you to believe. “Oh, even if a child is lost! Don’t worry! Our cast members always have their eyes open for lost children and they don’t even waste time looking for a parent! So you should go IMMEDIATELY to a preassigned (one at each park) lost child station and your child will already be there. Most likely they will be happily eating ice cream by the time you get there!” This is taken directly from their “Official Guide.” It doesn’t mention Alligators either. Not a word! It does say that the water isn’t safe for swimming due to the presence of bacteria. Nothing about dangerous wildlife of any kind. I would think that if they knew alligators were in the water people would be warned to, not only stay out of the water but, stay OFF the beach at night! Which would mean that Disney would NOT be having movies and light parades on the water at night and inviting people to “come out and find a good seat.” So if you weren’t there and you never have been and you’re getting ALL of your information from “this source and that source” you just need to shut up!

  35. David Kriebel

    Second everything Harrison Bergeron said. The boy was seized while in ankle-deep water on a beach (created by Disney) fronting a man-made lake, with water slides and firepits nearby. “No Swimming” signs are not sufficient–indeed, the child was obeying the sign by NOT SWIMMING at the time of the incident. Disney goes to create lengths to create that–apparently illusory–bubble of safety and control. Anyone who has been there knows that. They are liable. I will never visit that place again, nor should anyone, until they acknowledge their negligence and legal responsibility, and make serious efforts to deliver the safety they promise.


      I will be vising Disney World in August with my family and I have to say I will certainly be more vigilant. However being from the UK and visiting WDW I did my research and know about the types of Spiders, Snakes, Reptiles and other animals/insects that inhabit Florida and around the Lake Buena Vista areas and made sure that all my family know that information so we are all as safe as we can make possible. We will be staying at a Disney Hotel for two weeks and hope that we have the opportunity to see some of the native Floridian wildlife. I cannot comprehend how the family are coping with such a life changing loss but my thoughts are with them. However it will not stop me visiting as I am positive Disney do all they can to protect their guests and make sure we enjoy every minute of our trip.

  36. MammaH

    Why would Disney take such chances and put guests in danger by having a lake on their resort properties with alligators that could possibly kill people??????? Makes no sense at all to me !!!!
    Disney is a public resort/park and should not have any dangerous animals, etc., anywhere close, able to reach its residents at their resorts

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