Comments for Walt Disney World Resort beaches reopens after tragic alligator attack


  1. Matt S

    Glad everything is ok and we can still safely enjoy Disney’s beaches again. To the author and editor. Lots of grammar mistakes, sorry to be the grammar police. Disney world resort HAS not HAVE.

    1. Kurt

      Yeah, starting with the title “Beaches Reopen” not “reopens”

  2. Diane

    I still wouldn’t go near that Beach if that’s what you want to call it

    1. Elizabeth

      The beaches are as safe as any other beaches. In 45 years there were no attacks and this is a devastating yet isolated incident. We visit for approx 4-6weeks per year and have never seen an alligator. The beaches are beautiful not at all “lagoon like or alligator ominous” as the news reports suggested

  3. Kim

    These beaches are not safe nor have they ever been safe. A child was attacked at Fort Wilderness in 1986 and a child was almost attacked last year at Coronado Springs(CBS news). Disney cannot keep the alligators out of their waterways and the behavior of these creatures is never predictable. These beaches need to be closed permanently before another tragedy occurs!

  4. Bonnie

    You might as well close all waterfront beaches if that’s how you feel!! Rediculous !! I have been swimming and lived on a lake not far from Disney for 45 years!! I taught my children to swim in that lake that probably has more alligators than the 7 seas lagoon !! And beaches ! Silly to close them because sharks are there too ! This is a horrible heart wrenching ACCIDENT!!! Don’t blame anybody !!!

  5. Bonnie

    Alligators are by nature afraid of people . They lose that fear if fed. It is a felony to feed an alligator. If anything , Disney should make sure that no one feeds an alligator , toss a French fry , do nothing. If a guest happens to see one do nothing except tell a Disney representative .

  6. Sherry

    Who cares about spelling
    A precious child is gone, no you can’t close all the beaches
    but make people aware of the danger
    more signs, bigger signs
    We love the beautiful beaches but we love our children more

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