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  1. Gerald Mamay

    My p

  2. Jenn

    That’s good. Fences Should’ve already been there. It’s too late for poor little Lane.

    1. Hollie Starr

      No swimming means do not get in the water, especially a lake at 9pm at night in Florida.

  3. Jane

    What ever happened to watching your children and following the rules. Hmmm. No swimming. It’s awful that this happened but I blame the parents. Sorry

    1. Harrison Bergeron

      @Jane: the parents WERE watching their child, didn’t you read the news reports? They dove in after their child as soon as the gator appeared. And the child wasn’t “swimming” (as is forbidden by the signs, due to, supposedly a “steep drop-off”) but wading, and you can find photos on-line showing DOZENS of children doing the same thing, and not a Disney employee in sight telling them to get away from the water. The gator could just as easily have crept onto the SHORE and snatched a child that wasn’t even in the water, right in front of a watching parent. A simple “Warning: Alligators may be in water” sign like they have at several other areas in the resort could have made all the difference.

      1. Matt F

        So if you see a door with a sign that says “No Admittance” do you think it’s ok to open the door and look in because you’re not really going inside??

        1. hp

          more like a sign saying employees only. Then you opening the door looking for an employee and something in there is dangerous to kill you.

          The sign should of said danger and the door should be locked.

      2. Mia

        Well said !!??????

    2. Holly

      You are an idiot and let me guess you don’t have kids. The toddler was not swimming and many parents allowed their children to walk the shoreline on the beach. Disney is 100% to blame! It is their job to keep their guests safe and to inform them of danger in the area. Florida residents know not to go near water like that but you can’t expect other people from around the world to know this. Also Disney invited guests down to this beach for movie night giving them a false sense of security. Knowing that gators were in the water.

      1. Sarah

        Funny that if you go to the ocean there aren’t signs saying not to swim or wade at night because there are sharks that may be hunting! Should there be signs on those beaches too because there are activities at night there too. Absolutely not making light of the situation. I do agree there should of been some type barrier like stone if they were worried about appearance because so many people do whatever they want.

      2. Mia

        Yes so idiot and ignorant!

    3. Matt

      I guess you are a perfect parent that never had their child run a few steps away from them while loading a car where they could have been run over. People that forget their child in a car I can see a targeted and labeled as a bad parent. This is an accident. You act as if they intentionally wanted to spend the rest of their lives in sorrow over a simple mistake. Yes it’s Florida and there are gators, but they aren’t fully aware of the dangerous as they are from Nebraska. Also as a frequent visitor of Disney, being there you feel as if disney world is just a completely safe environment for everyone as they have an amazing attention to detail. You often here of the super high tech security and also these parents were probably emotional tired from spending days at the park. I was there two weeks prior with a 4 year old and a 1 year old it’s exhausting. Before you are so quick to blame someone spend 5 minutes thinking about how you’d feel in their shoes. If you had to plan a funeral for a 2 year old. Then read some blaming post. You people hide behind your liberal post while your kids are probably shooting heroin. Give me a break.

    4. Erin

      I stay at the grand Floridian quite often. I know exactly where this tragedy took place. A few months ago, my children were playing on that beach, along with many other children. I chatted with other parents as my kids built sandcastles. All I keep thinking is that could have been me. My child could have been dragged into the lagoon.
      I’m not here to bash anyone for their opinion but to ask you to realize accidents happen. A “no swimming ” sign means just that to someone from out of town. It means don’t jump in and swim.
      These poor parents lost their baby. They will never get him back. They had to leave the most magical place on earth and return home to bury their son. Put away the pitchforks and show some sympathy.

    5. Hollie Starr

      I blame the parents mostly but that is hard to do considering the circumstances. There should have been more signs on the beach area.

  4. Maria

    Why blame the parents there should have been proper signs posted plain and simple no way around it they knew they were alligators in that water is a big difference between swimming and wading there should’ve been signs posted alligators in water no swimming My heart aches for the loss of this baby and forth parent my heart aches for the loss of this baby and for its pstents I understand people wanting to blame the parents come on why place more blame more hurt they have to live the rest of their lives with the vision sounds of car that must’ve been going on at that moment in time this is a terrible terrible tragedy Nothing good comes out of placing blame

    1. Matt F

      I bought my toddler a baby Swimming pool. It’s less than 6′ deep. It’s not for swimming, the most she can do is wade. It’s not called a wading pool.
      Some people say “Pop” and others say ” Soda”. I think most people are smart enough to know they are the same thing.

    2. Mia

      Well said !

  5. Lynn

    I feel so badly for that family. They are not at fault and should have peace and time to grieve. Also Disney is doing a great job reacting quickly to the situation. It is just so sad, my condolences go out to this poor family.

  6. Kayley

    It was a tragic accident that occurred at Disney, but it was just that an accident. No one is to blame or at fault. But this is getting ridiculous. Warn people of alligators, but this? If you go to Alaska there are not signs warning of bears and the forest is not fenced in. Pretty soon you won’t be able to leave your hotel room and they will just play the rides on tv.

    1. Jane

      Exactly Kayley! To the others… I have 2 children. If a sign says no swimming you don’t go in the water. At 9 pm. My child of 2 would have been by my side or in my arms not walking through the water just because others are doing it. I have raised my children to respect rules and I took responsibility for their safety especially when they were too young to know any better. It is terrible what happened . Respect the rules and respect nature.

    2. Jenn

      Exactly!!! It was an accident. It wasn’t the parents fault. It wasn’t Disneys fault. It’s just a tragic accident.

      1. Jakki

        Agree totally

        1. Hollie Starr

          I agree as well. No swimming means do not get in the water.

    3. Sue

      I agree this is a terrible accident but so many people are blamers and shakers! Those people are going to need signs stating cracks in side possibility of tripping!

  7. Gretchen

    Has no one else watched the video of a gator climbing a four foot chain link fence? How is this fence supposed to keep kids or gators separated – is it electrified? It’s Florida, gators are in every body of water in this state. The fact that they only found five more in that lake means Disney is doing a good job of removing gators…. Wait til a black bear shows up on the beach, like it did here in Jacksonville.

    1. Joanne mershon

      Thank you- or the bobcats or the snakes

  8. Why does everything have to be blamed on someone? Sometimes bad things happen.

    1. Mel

      Because it’s human nature–people needs the satisfaction and a reason (s) for any bad things that happened and wants explanation or a blame. to make themselves better for a bad thing that happened. . Ever notice that people never question on the good things that happened and accept that as is?

  9. My Prayers are with the parents they did all they could to save there child

  10. Mel

    This is a sad tragedy all around! I have been to WDW many many times and am a devoted Disney fan. I have swam in the lake back in the 70’s as a kid and all honestly, I didn’t think they were alligators in the lake, even today. Even though it is Florida and swampy, but i always thought Disney does something to keep alligators away (just like the mosquitos) and I thought we were not allowed to swim anymore was because of the bacteria problem (hence they closed River Country because of it). I don’t blame the parents one bit because it could happened to any one of us, and if anyone feel that someone has to be at fault, i would have to say Disney, since there were reports that they knew there are alligators in the lake. But i also credit Disney for handling this quickly and doing the right things since the the fatal accident. One other thing i have to say, i think since the bungalows built on the lake at the Polynesian Resort made have change wildlife to come closer to shore area. I am reading reports that there were some guests feeding wildlife into the waters from the bungalows. But regardless, there is a little precious boy who lost his life and his parents will have to deal with this for rest of their lives. I pray that God will give them the peace and strength as they go through new chapter of grief. Rest In peace, Angel Lane.

  11. Anon

    Why were they not using the pools? Takes one person to ruin things for everyone else

  12. Ruby

    Could everyone please stop blaming for once and pull together and offer support to the family. This was a horrible accident just as horrible accidents happen everywhere. Our country has changed for the worse over the years. It seems as instead of people pulling together to help and offer support, they did back and blame. My thoughts and prayers go out to the family at this time. They also go out to the people who directly were involved. “Including at the park” imagine placing yourself in that situation. Let’s all let go of blame and show some support.

  13. Sara

    Jane ill pray for you.

  14. CrowneR

    This was a very tragic accident, no ones fault. Suggestion to Disney instead of putting up a rope fence put huge rocks on the beach like you see at surrounding waterfronts. That way you still see the beautiful water setting but there isn’t that beach setting inviting people into the water even though NO SWIMMING signs are posted. This will prevent people of any age from going into the water.

    1. Tampa Mom

      They did say in the article that the fence was a temporary measure. Hopefully the permanent solution is something like your suggestion. I think it would work well. It would look natural and attractive, and do the job.

  15. Kelly

    I genuinely cannot believe how judgemental some of these comments are. This family probably spent a long time saving to be able to give their child a truly magical holiday; never once expecting to live in a nightmare that they’d never awaken from!
    Years ago I visited Florida as a child and have considered visiting with my children on a number of occasions however the population of snakes and alligators has somewhat deterred me. Honestly though whilst I know about the Everglades and swimming pools being enclosed in private homes I never would have expected this in a heavily populated resort. Naively I thought that noise and vibrations kept these reptiles away so I would never have thought in a million years you’d be in danger in a WDW resort… These parents will blame themselves, but they don’t need to read comments like this questioning their capabilities as a parent. Locals are aware of the dangers, this family was out of town, had any parent been warned of the impending possible dangers; there’s no way they’d allow their child to be anywhere near a waters edge!
    RIP Lane, this was a tragic accident, my thoughts are with your family at this sad time!

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  17. Jim

    Takes one person to ruin things for everyone else.

  18. Robyn

    I have seen an alligator climb a chain link fence….

  19. JimJ

    The fence is inadequate. The wide post and wire spacing can allow an alligator to slip through. Kids can crawl under. Parents can hop over if they lose a ball over the fence. They need a low retaining wall and a metal fence that reaches 6 feet tall. I hope they fix this oversight for all Disney Resort beaches. It’s a horrible oversight to have beaches to begin with. They are literally alligator feeding stations.

  20. PA

    They need a cement wall around beaches ….where crocodiles can’t slip in….

  21. Sheila richter

    I have had 3 trips to Disney and was there last week. I thought there were underground fences to keep the alligators out and there weren’t any in the parks at all. It is common sense to a local to know alligators are anywhere but to the rest of the country it is not uncommon to wade in the water along a beach area as Disney had set this up to be. I have had my own child wade along the shoreline at the same Grand Floridian Beach and had I known there were alligators there of course it wouldn’t have happened. I also have let him walk alone in 3 resorts not knowing alligators were there. I thought there were underground fences in the water since Disney pays so much attention to detail. My family walked right past a snake there and thought it was fake at Animal Kingdom at an animal ride until a worker picked it up! A few signs or information when you check in or purchase park tickets would have provided safety for the child which should have been the priority instead it was a financial priority to keep it a secret so tourists will still visit. It doesn’t make sense to build a playground on a beach where alligators are nor make the beach area so inviting. No swimming does not mean no wading in a few inches of water. Disney managers were irresponsible and greedy after repeated warnings from visitors. I guess we have forgotten what it is, an amusement park. There is also no security at Disney Springs which had a mass shooting 15 minutes away. They had 1 security guard prior to the shooting and 2 after. Crazy.

  22. Hollie Starr

    No one is really at fault. It just happened. I have been going to Disney for decades and never seen an alligator and I live in Florida. Disney has the money to be able to cut off the natural water coming into the lagoon and filter in water another way. I am sure this can be done. Build a wall or something where the natural resources connect to the lagoon. But putting up fence that will block the view for other guests and stopping boat rental is not the way to go about it. Why should other paying guests suffer over one incident. It happened. Step up guards on the shore lines, post signs that wildlife is in area, put out more lights on the shore, block off water coming in.

  23. First of all, why would a 2 year old be wading in a lagoon 9 o’clock at night. He doesn’t know any better. The reason we lose children everyday to senseless tragedy is because the parents are not watching them. Please watch your children always.

    1. liz

      Horrible accident. Let’s think of ideas to try and prevent it from reoccurring. It sounds as if Disney could have done a better job warning and/or preventing dangers. Many people visit from around the world and are not familiar with the activities of the wildlife in the area, and I’m sure they believe they are safe because it is Disney after all. At no point are the parents to blame, and I pray for them peace. Show me a perfect parent…Is it you?

  24. Karen britton

    Being from the uk alligators are not something we see but last year we were at Hollywood studios and after parking the car we walked to the entrance but between parking lot 1&2 there was a small area of water where we saw an alligator leap out and attack a bird . When we reported it to guest services we were told that Disney encourage wildlife into its parks etc there was no concern what so ever ! I feel that Disney should of put the safety of its visitors first but I was made to feel and if it wasn’t a big deal .

  25. TB

    Unfortunately it wont matter because believe it or not, gators can climb fences. Go ahead google it. Besides that, kids certainly can and likely will, but it’s a nice gesture.

  26. JD

    Folks please let this go already, move on! Show some respect!

  27. Joe Williamson

    They already had a sign it was the giant lake!

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