Comments for Walt Disney World and other Orlando theme parks step up security measures after mass shooting


  1. Random? Everyone should be going through these. Safety begins with us.

  2. Cindy

    One thing only to said just remanber this person who shot all this people was a security? Eather way you never know who is hiding in the crowd, evryone needs to be alert see something said something. With more security dosent mean we are save. Hope we get justices for orlando.

    1. Breed7

      Could you maybe repost your comment in English? Since it’s obviously not your native language, we’d all appreciate it if you could communicate in a way that isn’t just a nonsensical jumble of incoherent words.

      1. G

        I understood what she was trying to say. Maybe you’re the one with limited English as you cannot infer meaning from the text that isn’t that “off.”

      2. Karen

        Be Kind

  3. Jamie

    What are your thoughts about Disney Springs? Reportedly the gunman scouted this area because there are no security measures, due to it being open to the public. I love Disney World and agree I feel very safe there, but seeing that Disney Springs was scouted makes me nervous.

  4. Luke

    Why are you showing a picture of the metal detectors for Rip Ride Rockit? Those are just to make sure you have to loose change in your pockets. Also, both Universal parks require you to walk through a metal detector, no matter what. This was a terrible tragedy and hope everyone is alright <3

  5. Anne

    I LOVE DISNEY! YES given the circumstances of todays WORLD, as much of a nusince it may be, i believe it’s necessary to have metal detectors as a requirement for all guests to enter the parks! Yes it will take longer most likely, but i truly feel people would appreciate knowing everyone has been checked and feel more safe! It’s tragically unfortunate this world has this sort of hatred, terror, and sickness in it!

  6. Robert

    I got back from a great trip to Disney World LATE on the night of the 11th. Woke up the next morning and saw this. I really hate to hear that Disney was brought into this. I completely understand and applaud Disney’s efforts to keep us safe. I am sure that since Disney Springs is more open, there will be beefed up security there. People going to the park might want to think twice about taking back packs into the park. Because of all the rain last week, we took in ponchos and an extra pair of water shoes. Came in handy, but would definitely add to your wait time in waiting for security to go through your bags. Think TSA. Put your “stuff” in zip lock bags. Easier for the security to go through. Be patient and thank those guards. In this hot weather tempers get heated and I am sure they hear a lot about missing fast passes or dinner times. Also remember to come earlier to your park. That way you can make the most of your day when you have had to wait longer just to go through security. Prayers and thoughts to the effected people. Prayers and thoughts to those who keep us safe.

  7. Greg

    Would be outrageous to suggest that all middle easterners should have to go through the metal detectors?

    1. Wendy Fiolek

      All people should have to go through a metal detector not just Middle Easteners

      1. Greg

        Agreed. But if they are just pulling a percentage out, my point is, you should pull all people that fit the profile for the most likely people to commit terrorist attacks. Being politically correct is just going to continue to get more people killed. If someone burns a black church, historically it is a white male. Focus on that them. If there is a terrorist attack, historically it is almost always someone of middle eastern descent. Focus on them. If there aren’t enough resources to screen every single person, focus on the most likely suspects. Believe me, police do that all the time.

        1. El

          Yes because only middle easterners shoot up the US…

          1. Tonney

            Yes, because those that shoot up Americans in the name of Allah, and subscribe to various terrorist thug groups (whether it’s ISIS, Al Queda, Hezbollah…even if they’re conflicting groups)…have been of Middle Eastern decent.

            I’d be pissed (& saddened) if I was of Middle Eastern decent and these dogs were destroying the public perception of my heritage. But sadly, these are the facts. It definitely sucks & people SHOULD be angry. But all of us should recognize it and face it head-on and together as Americans, even if it means some swallowing of pride or feelings like there may be unfair discrimination at times. Finding & weeding out these loonies is essential for all of us to live in liberty.

  8. Necie

    We were on vacation last week and came home on the 9th. This year we were at Universal Studios Orlando. There everyone has to go through the metal detectors and get your bags checked. It only takes a few seconds. A very small price to pay for the saftey of everyone. My two boys and my daughter inlaw went to Disney World on day and my youngest was randomly checked each time they went through security, while the other two only got checked once. I would rather they scan everyone instead of random scans. It takes less that a minute.

  9. Glad to here that WDW and Universal stepped up their security but still afraid to read that WDW guests are choosed randomly to pass metal detector. In Paris, since this winter, everybody goes through metal detectors and we feel safier this way. It should be the same in the US …

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