Comments for VIDEO: Lions ROAR during recent Kilimanjaro Safaris nighttime tour at Disney’s Animal Kingdom!


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    I have been going to Disney for years and never remember to ask how do they keep the lions from coming off the rocks and moving all through the park?

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      They aren’t just rocks. Its a cleverly designed enclosure that the lions cannot get out of. Disney magic just makes it look like a pile of rocks.

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      They don’t need too. Once an animal like a lion has mark their spot they won’t move from there for a loooooong time. Because in that way they know exactly where is everything they need, food, water, female etc. The reason why lion moves in nature is to find food. But a park like Animal kingdom or any zoo give it to them so they won’t bother moving if it could mean lose this free food. Lion are really lazy.

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      There is a huge gap separating the rocks from the road.

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    Some rocks are also temperature controlled. Warm in the winter and cool in the summer. It’s a little Disney magic for us and a nice place for the animals to keep comfortable.

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    During the opening week of the nighttime hours we managed to catch this. It was pouring at the start of the ride and by the time we hit the savannah it had let up.
    I feel like Disney added speakers to some areas of the expedition, for that “Oh I hear some [insert animal] ahead”. Being so dark it helps to have audio cues.
    When we get to the lions the bushes made a loud roar. Once the male lion heard it, he perks up and let’s out his own. Was a great experience but I think it was just a response to the speakers.

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      That’s awesome that you had such a great safari! I’m a driver there, and night safaris have been an interesting new experience for us all. Though I must admit there are no speakers around the lions. There’s a set before hippos and another between crocs and the first baobob tree. That’s it. Like roosters in the morning, lions don’t need any coaxing to roar. That’s awesome, though!

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