VIDEO: Lions ROAR during recent Kilimanjaro Safaris nighttime tour at Disney’s Animal Kingdom!

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Safari Disney's Animal Kingdom

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The Kilimanjaro Safaris attraction at Disney’s Animal Kingdom has always been a popular destination for guests and while it always delivers with an incredible assortment of wildlife to observe, there are also plenty of times throughout the day where the animals weren’t exactly active.

On a recent trip to the new nighttime “Nocturnal Encounters” it was a different story. Hippos were very active bobbing in and out of the water and we saw several giraffes running around the savannah on what the tour guide helpfully described as World Giraffe Day.

Giraffes safari Disney's Animal Kingdom

But by the far the highlight of the tour around Harambe Wildlife Reserve, one that even the tour guide described as one of his best ever overall, were the majestic lions not only moving about but actually roaring back and forth between each other in a stunning and extremely rare moment.


Needless to say, getting an up close look at the nocturnal behavior of these beautiful and majestic animals at Kilimanjaro Safaris is a definite must-see next time you visit Disney’s Animal Kingdom as part of their new nighttime offerings!

Lions ROAR during Kilimanjaro Safari at night tour in Disney's Animal Kingdom 2


Safari Disney's Animal Kingdom

in Walt Disney World

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