Comments for VIDEO: FULL RIDE POV – Skull Island: Reign of Kong has opened its massive doors at Universal Orlando


  1. Notta

    Uh oh…for the full ride video the comments are not good, and get worse on Youtube. With all the hype for this ride, I don’t think people wanted it to be so “screen dependent”. Looks like the ride is letting people down because of that unfortunately.

  2. Pete

    Disapointed….I wish they would stop with the screens. Last time I was at Universal I felt like every ride I had to pick up a pair of glasses. It’s just getting ridiculous at this point. I know that it’s the cheaper way to make rides nowadays but I think everyone is getting sick of it. Just look at the comments on the YouTube video.

    1. Reagan greer

      Well the reason why is you can’t make it look this real and have big action scenes with animatronics but with the screen it looks real plus it looks more action packed then with animatronics

    2. Gamzilla234

      Lol heres a good idea. Stop going to big movie theme parks all together. Problem solved. And yea I’m not sick of it. Don’t speak for everyone… And I don’t care if its your opinion so dont even bother playing that “I am entitled to my opinion” card.

  3. Grayson

    lot of screens but it looks good enough, more animatronics than what I expected to be honest, this had sounded from the start like it was going to be like the king Kong thing in Hollywood.
    expected more tribesmen though, and I wonder what the other stories are then, just a another narration or other things on the screens? Kong looks good tho, and the queue seems amazing if a bit long

  4. Greg

    I don’t have a problem with screens if done well, such as Pirates Shanghai. I think this looks to be done very well. No one complains about the screens in Spiderman, long considered, until recently, possibly the best theme park attraction.
    Screens can immerse you much more than animatronics typically. Yes, you can tell it’s a screen, but you can also tell they are animatronics. I very decent add to IOA.

  5. Monique

    So disappointed. It’s basically just King Kong 360 at Universal Studios Hollywood but with an animitronic Kong at the end. Didn’t live up to all the hype.

  6. Monique

    So disappointed. It’s basically just King Kong 360 at Universal Studios Hollywood but with an animatronic Kong at the end. Didn’t live up to all the hype.

  7. Nikki

    I was hoping for the next generation of ride-not another screen based attraction. I was disappointed with the transformers ride after riding it because it was just spiderman all over again, then the Harry Potter rides are also more of the same. Where’s the next generation of ride?

    1. Reagan greer

      dude by he rides with that are usually the most action packed and are usually the ones with the most people these are the next generation of rides

  8. Praba

    Universal gave up the Jurassic Park Jeep Adventure for this? Good thing Jurassic World didn’t make them a large pile of money. They bet on the wrong property.

  9. erica

    I was one of the first people to preview this ride before the opening and I was completely let down as were the people who were on the ride with me. I was SOOO excited, but the ride was nothing like the hype. Pretty much the entire ride was 3d. No drops and no thrill. I felt like I was just watching a movie. Then there was the huge King Kong robot at the end, which was awesome. I thought that the ride was finally going to get good. I was wrong. It ended right after that. I feel like they spent so much time & money on making the outside beautiful that they got completely cheap with the actual ride.

  10. Disappointed that ITM can not follow the rules.

    Clear instructions are on the ride during this pre opening period that no filming should be done.

    You should be assumed Ricky.

  11. Bob

    Horrible.. What’s with Universal always using these giant screens?! If used properly, in the background, it could be effective. They should take notes from Disney. If Universal were to use Disney’s technology, high quality animatronics, and good integration of screens.. and Disney used Universal’s thrills, and didn’t try to cater every ride to little kids, it would be a perfect outcome.

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