VIDEO: FULL RIDE POV – Skull Island: Reign of Kong has opened its massive doors at Universal Orlando

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The brand new Skull Island: Reign of Kong attraction has soft opened late Thursday at Islands of Adventure in Universal Orlando Resort.

Inside the Magic was on the scene the moment the massive doors we’ve been keeping an eye on for months during construction finally swung open for hundreds of waiting fans.

Simply put, it did not disappoint. We will have a full report very soon on what the entire experience was like but suffice to say that Skull Island: Reing of Kong is a multi-sensory feast for the nerves. A seamless marriage of practical effects and cutting edge technology that not only thrills, but immerses unlike anything I’ve experienced at a theme park. The bar has been raised.

Here are the first videos of the ride in action:



Skull Island skeleton

Skull Island exterior

Skull Island truck

Skull Island entrance

Skull Island bones

Skull Island scene

Skull Island Dinosaur

Skull Island Reign of Kong - King Kong

King Kong animatronic

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