Comments for REVIEW: For a movie about memory loss, “Finding Dory” relies too heavily on nostalgia for its predecessor


  1. Tom JK

    Yeah. I have a feeling this will be the “Monsters University” of the “Finding Nemo” universe. Not bad, but not classic. Unless you’re the Toy Story films, the first films are better than the sequels or prequels. Still, I have been waiting for a long time (and excited) for an “Incredibles 2.”

    1. EricJ

      They didn’t “have” to make Incredibles 2, since that wasn’t one of Eisner’s weaselly retaliatory-marketing scripts for Circle 7. (TS3, Monsters and Nemo 2 were.) The others were legal contractual obligations, Incredibles is more the one they were aware there was nagging fan cult-demand for.

      And yeah, Monsters U wasn’t bad (even if the story required Sulley to be an obnoxious jerk for most of the first half), and another “movie-inspired” Pixar story clearly made by Revenge of the Nerds fans.
      Dreamworks cranks out their Shrek, Dragons and Panda movies on a sausage grinder, but Pixar at least likes to twist their sequels a little bit from what we think we expect.

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  3. garri anderson

    This movie is a movie that makes me excited for a long time. I love, basically, one of all time favorite is Finding Nemo. So, sequel of this movie is expected better than that…

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  4. 3d available for this movie?

  5. Hey Mike, you must go for the sequel. These images took me to different imaginary world but if I will watch this movie, then it will be great. And the best part is this that children will love to watch this movie.

    Great thought buddy 🙂

  6. How to get this movie. Is there any link to download the movie.

  7. Hey Mike, I watched this movie. For some reason it I couldn’t feel the connection I felt with Finding Nemo, the first part.

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