Comments for REVIEW: Epcot’s “Frozen Ever After” and “Royal Sommerhus” are welcome additions to Disney’s experimental theme park


  1. EricJ

    Like Anna & Elsa first appearing at MK, ALL WE HEAR in the press is the “five hour lines”.
    So…are there FastPasses for this, or not? I haven’t checked.

    1. Cassie

      Yes. I was able to (barely) reserve fast passes for this ride for our trip at the end of July. They weren’t available for the day we’ll be at Epcot so I picked a “free” day to go and ride. I’m not a huge Frozen fan but it will cool to see what they did. I, too, miss the Maelstrom ride!

  2. Denny Miller

    I rode the new ride on Tuesday afternoon! Kudos to the Imagineers on the incredible job of making this ride so amazing. You get to see Olaf singing, dancing and ice skating! The Elsa animatronic defies everything you ever have seen. It’s like she’s really standing there! I can’t wait to ride it again! Grins!

  3. Nicolò

    I just want to say thank you for this beautifull and intelligent article.
    From the moment this ride opened, I read so many posts around Internet filled with rage about the ride, the closure of maelstorm and How the ride was just “ok”. I think that Disney imagineering did an incredible job with this ride and just seeing the pov of the ride I had gosebumps…THIS is a real Disney dark ride.
    My only concern is How they will manage the Big crowds and fastpasses, since the capacity for the ride is really limited

  4. Eric

    I had the privelege to stand in line 3 hours with Adam and made the wait worth while. I had the three whining daughters. Great ride and finally was able to ride after leaving the wait line when it broke down.

  5. Caleb Mills

    Such a good, article, man. Everything you said was well thought out and expertly stated. It’s nice to read an article about WDW that isn’t filled with negativity and cynicism, but is equally not looking through rose-colored glasses. Well done, Adam.

    This makes me very excited to go back and visit EPCOT and for the future of the park. As we all know, it’s in need of a TLC, but this encourages me that the park is in better hands than the Disney community at large originally thought. You just made my day i little more magical. Thanks again!

  6. JimJ

    Disney fans should welcome this new attraction. Some complained that Frozen Ever After turns World Showcase into Fantasyland and that it should go there. This is nonsense argument. The opportunity to turn a rejected government and corporate sponsorship into a Disney world class attraction was embraced. This model should encourage the eventual replacement of unpopular attractions into worthy Disney IP attractions. I’m looking at the botched Imagination and the tired Energy Adventure. Add new attractions to the empty World Showcase land plots. Ratatouille comes to mind next to the France Pavilion.

  7. Zippy

    The ride is actually pretty underwhelming… totally phoned in.

    Follows the same path as Maelstrom, and there isn’t even a story. Just a few scenes with the characters in new animatronic format.

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