Comments for Private fishing suspended after alligator attack at Walt Disney World


  1. VW

    It wasn’t Disneys fault.
    Alligators are wild all over Florida. Everyone knows that.
    It’s the parents fault for not watching their own child.
    I’m sick of everyone not accepting responsibility for their own actions and negligence.
    no toddler should ever be near any water when everyone else is “several feet away” not watching them.
    Stop blaming others and start accepting responsibility for your own negligence.

    1. JH

      It wasn’t Disney’s fault but it wasn’t the parents fault either. Why does it have to be someone’s fault?Why can’t we accept that sometimes tragic things happen. Blaming and shaming people solves nothing. It does not bring back that little boy. It does not help anyone. All the people like you that say ” that would never happen to me” think like that because you don’t want to face the truth. It could happen to you. It could happen to anyone. Those parents didn’t do anything different than thousands of other vactioners before them. Unfortunately, they were the unlucky ones. The Graves family has to live with the outcome of the tragedy the rest of their lives. Imagine being a parent watching that happen before your eyes and not being able to save your son. Your words are hurtful to those poor parents. I am quite sure if they were standing in front of you then you would not be so daming with your words. So why is it justified now? Because you sit behind an electronic gadget it’s okay to place blame?

      1. Jon Mason

        Well said JH!!

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