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  1. Tom JK

    Ugh. Enough with the SpongeBob. Something tells me the musical could be good fun, but did it have to be SpongeBob? No. It could have been a new original idea. I mean, SpongeBob has past his prime, right? Maybe I was just one of those people who didn’t mind a few episodes, but never cared for the show. Seriously. It just got so dumb. This could be a success, but not “Les Miserables” or “Phantom of the Opera” success.

  2. Jake

    I think this COULD be a hit, but I think people need to be a little but more open-minded to the concept. I mean, every one of my friends that I’ve talked to has rejected it because it is SpongeBob. But just because it’s SpongeBob (a character of hope and optimism, may I add) doesn’t mean the music can’t be phenomonal, and that the plot and emotional impact can’t be extraordinary. I think people need to see this show before they can actually make up their minds.

  3. DCC

    Saw it last night. I’m barely familiar with the TV show, but found the show very enjoyable. The SpongeBob fans seemed to love it. The production team is still working on the show but they seem to be well on their way to a big success. Fun story, delightful sets and costumes, mostly strong songs, and a strong cast. Great for an entertaining evening for anyone and a must-see for SpongeBob fans.

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