Comments for PHOTOS: First look at the adult Granger-Weasley family from ‘Harry Potter and the Cursed Child’ play


  1. Confused

    That’s some crazy dark tan Hermione is sporting since the last time I saw her on screen


  2. Rod

    Why on earth would you do a miscast like that??!! It’s not about racism, it’s simply that Hermione is a Red Head!!

    1. Maria

      J.K. Rowling’s only descriptors of Hermione in the book were that she had big teeth and bushy hair. Emma Watson had neither of these after the first movie, and where was the outcry then? Rowling likes the cast. Who are we to question?

  3. Greg

    You think they have the right cast for the job? Say what? Based on what exactly? Gender? They got that right. I do not think it is racist to point out that there is a ridiculously miscast character. Would they cast a white actor as one of the African slaves in the remake of Roots? How does this only work one way?

  4. kitty

    I’m a minority and I’ve been thinking about all this “Forced Diversity” lately. Some people claim that casting against our “perceived notions of a character” exposes racism. But I’m thinking that it actually perpetuates it.

    Think about it. You take your kid to DCA and they wait 90 minutes in the heat to watch a Frozen musical and then Elsa doesn’t look like the Elsa they have posters of. Or you grow up idolizing the only prominent young female character in Harry Potter books and now she is cast as someone completely different.

    So, is it the kids fault for expecting characters to look like they’ve previously seen? The parents for not teaching their kids that fictional characters can randomly change colors? Or the producers for using a stage play as their platform to push an unrelated social agenda?

    Personally, I think that its ridiculous that we’ve reached a point where we can clearly see when things are changed for no reason, but we’re called racist for saying it out loud.

  5. Ronto

    For whatever reason, it’ s now popular to change white characters to other races. I personally think it’s due to company’s trying to fall over themselves to push a narrow view of “diversity”. Almost going on offense, instead of being portrayed as being otherwise, and face potentially being protested, social media bullied/petitioned, etc. This Eracing has to stop.

    But when they take a character and intentionally change the race, they often end up hurting or at least dismissing people who associated with the character in the original race. A character’s skin color is part of the character, whether it’s Sam Wilson, Steve Rogers, etc. But now they fall over themselves again to have come up with things to defend this like “Well, the skin color was never really a TRULY DEFINING characteristic of the character. So we can change that if we want…” Whaaa?? Hopefully in twenty years or so, we’ll all collectively look back and see how racist this skin-theism was.

    And people will vote with their dollars. Look at what they did with the Fantastic Four movie. There was huge backlash due to the eracing of Johnny Storm (granted the movie failed for more reasons than that, but it was a big reason).

  6. Reagan Greer

    Guys remember this is about the books not the movies

  7. Lindsay

    I think this is nice. I am excited for the play!

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