Comments for Jack’s sidekick Chance revealed as icon character for Halloween Horror Nights 2016 at Universal Orlando


  1. DoomOne

    Looks like a discount store Harley Quinn costume. Awful.

    1. Joe

      Totally agree

  2. Garaan

    I dunno, I like seeing a female icon once in a while; it’s just not done often enough. I’m more interested, though, in the fact they say they’re doing ALL NEW mazes and scare zones, though. You mean they finally took the old dog that is Walking Dead out behind the shed and put it out of our misery? Most excellent.

  3. Amanda

    Looks like the same thing almost every yr, probably will go back just because it’s close to us. But Universal really needs to step it up.

  4. Chanse you make me feel better about myself in life and I don’t care about what people say because I know that you will be able to kill them

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