Comments for Indiana Jones 5 to be a ‘requel’, more Indiana Jones movies on the way

Indiana Jones

Credit: Lucasfilm


  1. EricJ

    The more you listen to Bob Iger, the more it sounds like he just HASN’T THOUGHT OUT the name-brand sequels he wants Disney, Lucas and Pixar to make just to announce them.

    1. Erik

      It’s not that he’s not thought it out, its just that I think they’re still working out the kinks and don’t want to announce something that they can’t unannounce. Bob Iger has done, in my opinion, a masterful jobs of acquiring these brands and integrating them into Disney.

      1. Josh

        I agree.. sounds like they want to use Ford to bring in a new actor.. But cant confirm that.. and that wouldnt be a hard-boot. more of a soft-boot.

  2. aj

    I have been considering the 007 movies requels since I saw my 2nd one. If you do not understand that watch the 5th movie then the 2nd than the 10th. You will be able to understand what is going on in each movie without having to watch what came before it. Because of that it truly is not a sequel, but it is not a reboot either because it is not a new take on the franchise, so it is something in-between a Requel is a good word for it. The Indiana Jones movies would work good with this format. Each movie have college professor be hired ( Like Raiders or Last Crusade) or somehow fall into (Like Temple of Doom) a quest to find a mythical item. The key is that there is not a large connection to the other movies and that each movie could stand on it’s own. Not that you could not have some of the same cast in multiple movies just make sure that no connection on plot is evolved with the other movies. Having it set up that way would also allow the part of Indiana Jones could be recast in the future. It was reported that they are not counting the last movie, which is good because that had too much happen to the character ( getting married, having a son, killing off father) that made it harder to do the requel (007) format.

  3. EricJ

    Oh, so THAT’S what a “re-quel reboot” is–
    An official sequel that pretends Mutt Williams never happened, so they don’t have to follow after it!
    Yeah, they kind of did that with the Superman movies for a while.

  4. Cat Fud Hunter

    Disney is a brand name synonymous with the word “integrity.” Therefore, I have no doubt they will join all the characters from Star Wars, Indiana Jones, and Howard the Duck into one colossal Lucas Cinematic Universe movie franchise series called “The Rump Rangers.” That should make the critics and fans out there very happy.

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