Disney's Hollywood Studios' "Star Wars: A Galactic Spectacular" dessert party moving to Star Wars Launch Bay - Inside the Magic

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  1. Nancy

    Will the Launch Bay viewing be a direct view or side view? I haven’t been to HS in years, but we’ll be there in August.

    1. CoMiGa

      I would guess the viewing area will be the same just smaller due to not fitting in all the requirements for the desert party. It will be similar to what they do now when it rains and the party is moved indoors. The party takes up a considerable amount of ideal space for viewing the show and condensing that space will free it up considerably.

  2. “Theme park admission is required”
    I do not agree, look at https://ohmy.disney.com/insider/2015/05/05/our-7-favorite-things-about-disney-infinity-3-0/
    Best regards, Kandra

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