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  1. EricJ

    You attack “All-Caps Fanboys”, and then -use- them in the next three paragraphs? You attack fan dogma and then say “It made money, so there, and BvS WASN’T a bad film, so that proves it!”
    Yeah, what color would you say that kettle was, a sort of charcoal off-umber?

    And yes, the reasons for not seeing Ghostbusters are valid. Many of them having to do with making the creative decisions based on -other- movies and trends, rather than….the original movie. If I wanted to see Anything Else, I’d be interested, but I don’t.
    Here’s a big reason to fight creeping McCabe-ism off the site, with torches and pitchforks.

  2. Josh

    I’ve been waiting for someone to say this for a very long time! It is exactly how I’ve felt for years. I love the Dude reference. Well-written article, and I feel there is a silent majority out there who feel this way too! Transformers and the Star Wars prequels rock! I can’t really complain when there are either Jedis or awesome robots beating the crap out of each other. 😉

  3. Brian

    With me, its not that it is an all woman cast it why I do not think it will be good. The problem is I do not see a good chemistry with all of this woman from the trailers. The orignal cast just has a chemistry that will never be possible with this cast. The movie looks like it has very good special effects, but without a likable cast, it will fail.

  4. Duffy

    For me it’s all about the cast of Ghostbusters being womanized.
    I’m tired of my favorite characters being sacrificed at the altar of feminism. Women are fantastic actresses in their own right, but to change the gender of the main characters so as to appear oh so progressive is just irritating as hell to me.
    The way Hollywood takes Liberty with the fan’s appreciation of a characters personna is not cool.
    Build on the existing female Heros, or create new ones and stop feminizing long standing Heros because it’s the PC thing to do.
    Crike you’d think Starbuck was a women or that Captain America was going to come out of the closet or something after 70 years.

  5. Adam

    I don’t get the Ghostbusters hate. Sure the original movies were fun – especially the first one – but they’re not exactly timeless classics. I think most people would be hard pressed to name all 4 of the original Ghostbusters character names.

    But I do understand that if you encourage, incite and profit from people’s passion, you have to be ready for the flip side of that. You can’t just treat fans like a cash machine and not expect a reaction when you do something extreme like change a character’s mythology or create a product that doesn’t live up to the hype and promise that you’ve created to sell it.

    1. EricJ

      You would remember Venkman, Stantz, Spengler, Zeddemore, Tully and Melnitz if you watched the cartoon.
      (And remembering crazy Dan Aykroyd-scripted names is no mean feat.)

  6. Kitty

    So the exaggerated reaction of a few results in a lecture to millions.

    The problem I have with this “calm down everyone” stories is that it’s comes from the same p,ace as the negativity they are claiming to fight against. Sure, SOME people are overreacting negatively. But why does that result in MORE people over-compensating?

    If something looks bad then it looks bad. If the reason it looks bad is because of the all black costumes or the “dark tone” or the lazy sequelitis or the marketing of social agendas then what’s wrong with calling it like you see it.

  7. Tom

    All I see is the film using the original film as a template, you have the library ghost, you have a Stay Puft like monster, you have the four Ghostbusters . It’s not a reboot, it’s a remake that was never needed, and now I find it to be a shallow attempt just to push a PC message in the worst of ways. The characters appear to be based on the original characters since there’s three white and one black Ghostbuster, but they’re way different characters and not female versions of those original characters, so what’s the point of this film? Anyone can be Ghostbuster, and this film really fails at being diverse by just changing the sex of the characters. The cartoon Extreme Ghostbusters did a much better job at diversity. Also I find it ironic how Chris Hemsworth is the Jeanine in this film, if it was the other way around with a sexy actress that would be “sexist”, but it’s OK because it’s a guy, for the ladies. The comedy of this film looks like forced goofy slapstick with crappy one liners that only small children would enjoy, actually it carries a PG rating so I guess it’s for small kids since no one else will see it. And yeah, the original films had a PG rating, but the PG13 rating wasn’t introduced until a month later after the first film so you could get away with a lot in a PG film back then, also GB2 seemed to be toned down on the language. Now if I wanted to see what a all male version of this remake was like I would just watch Pixels, which I won’t. This is Feig’s version of Ghostbusters, it’s almost like what Joel Schumacher did to Batman, but at least he can admit his films were bad.

  8. Jeff

    This is a great article, the internet sadly has become mostly crazy people with nothing better to do. Sadly reading the comments here proves that point.

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