Comments for Walt Disney World to overhaul parking at the Magic Kingdom, possible new entrance for Hollywood Studios


  1. Jesse

    They definitely need parking garages for all the parks. It’s becoming a problem.

  2. Lori

    I personally have no desire to see parking garages all over the place at Disney. What a distraction from the beauty of the resort that would be!

    1. Lori

      Also, I have been at the parks in a car at the absolute most busy times of the year and have never seen parking at capacity. There is no need for garages.

    2. Breed7

      Honey, the parking lots contain no “beauty” from which to be distracted. Unless, of course, you consider dozens upon dozens of acres of unthemed asphalt wasteland to be beautiful.

    3. Greg

      I wonder if under ground garages would be feasible.

      1. jon savage

        in ground pools u mean

  3. Marc

    Parking garages with moving sidewalks large enough for double strollers and ditch the archaic tram system. You could build an entire theme park with the space they would save. Gates could operate using magic bands etc.

    1. Mike

      I totally agree Marc! Moving sidewalks would relieve a lot of congestion with slow vs fast walkers.
      ALSO the handicapped parking areas really need the now!! I am handicapped and in all the parks the walk from handicapped parking to the entrances of the parks is much too far! I am usually alone when visiting so can’t use the courtesy wheelchairs as i have no one to push me. I don’t mean to whine or complain but if really is a problem for us older and handicapped people.

  4. Linda

    I can certainly see where additional parking is need for the Studios. Last December the parking lot at the Studios were filled by 3:00 because of it being the last year for the Osborne Lights.

  5. Though it is a great idea with a purpose, I don’t imagine the money for this project will be coming from the pockets of the Walt Disney Enterprise.

  6. Tom

    I am all for being able to park closer, but how hard or dangerous would it be to get off of the top floor. An elevator will stop at the lowest levels first. The upper level people will start walking down the car exit creating a safety issue. Malls do not get the huge rush like theme parks do.

    1. Em

      The parking structure at Disneyland is 6 stories tall and has multiple escalators in addition to two elevators and stairs. There is no way they would build a parking structure with only elevators 🙂

  7. JR

    I’m bringing my 2 kids there for our first visit. How much is it for parking per day and can we arrive early for better parking?

  8. Simon

    Universal Orlando does parking right.

    Yes, it is magical traveling to the Magic Kingdom (MK) in the morning by monorail or ferry. However, on moderately busy days it can take an hour to get back to your car. Wait half an hour in line for the monorail/ferry, another ten minute travel time, then twenty minutes for the tram to avoid a half mile hike. It kills the experience.

    They should parking garages on the west of MK and run moving sidewalks to ticket booths under the monorail station.

    Then I would be in my car quicker so that I can get to the park earlier to spend more money the next day.

  9. Nic

    A little late to the game with this comment, but the first two images are actually of the possible enhanced roadway setup at the Magic Kingdom – the article seems to suggest that it’s the new DHS entry way.

    If anyone remembers last year they released plans of the expanded parking lot for Magic Kingdom after the closure of the speedway. Nothing has suggested that’s changing, it’s more the roadways around the MK entrance/plaza to handle increasing amounts of traffic and combat the dangerous current layout. So I doubt there’s going to be parking garages in the near future.

  10. bigbadwolf

    I was a bit surprised when they built the beautiful Disney Springs garages, which I think the will work well there considering the scale of new development looks quite huge. At the parks it’s a possibility but they still have enough land to not necessarily need to build up in regards to parking. Long term, yes, multi level garages will come into being, but for now it is not exactly necessary.

  11. James

    Moving sidewalks would not do as well as people think. Look at universal. They have them. Do they ever work the way it’s intended? People use them to stand on and ride instead of WALKING. Then there’s the part of keeping them in working condition. Also a thing that Universal has a hard time with.

    Now let’s look at the current garage at Disneyland. It does great as a parking lot. Yes it can be jammed sometimes, but that’s Disney.

    Tampa International Airport has an awesome garage with a people mover inside that goes through the garage to the main building. I feel like that would be a good way to bring people back and fourth to the TTC. Greener than the trams.

    I agree that getting back to your car after park closing can be challenging and totally stressful. The original idea of one main lot for everything was a pretty good idea at first. But it was never expected to become this crowded and for people to become sooooo lazy. And by lazy I don’t mean like too tired at the end of an all dayer at MK to wait in a 80 min monorail line. I mean the fact that most people just don’t feel like moving any more than we need to. I’ve seen a lot of people go through the park acting like walking and moving is a chore. Wanting some way for someone else to do the moving for them.

  12. Hollie Starr

    The parking garages are great when letting you know how many spaces are on each row, but you can’t see Disney Springs at all like you used to be able to when coming up on the Market Place and Pleasure Island. The blockage is just awful to look at. I would not want this for any Disney Park. Do not block the view. That is one of the exciting things when coming up to a Disney park, the view and the anticipation.

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