Comments for Walt Disney World attendance down, film division revenue up according to new Disney earnings report


  1. Not too surprising that attendance is down in Q1. I’d guess a lot of people are planning trips later in the year after some of the new stuff opens.

  2. Dawn

    Not surprised that the attendance is down in the 1st Quarter..
    But Disney is making it impossible for people to keep going like myself every year!! Because of raising the ticket and food prices.. I went 13 years since my daughter was born but now Disney is making it impossible to afford the trip.. Stop getting greedy Disney please..

  3. Flip

    The prices are getting ridiculous but it was Fast Pass + that finally did us in. After years of fun Disney trips, all the scheduling and having to “lock” in our plans months in advance wasn’t fun at all. Running around the parks with an itinerary sucks. This year everyone just wants to go to Universal, newer/better rides, and a much more relaxing vacation. The way it used to be at Disney. I think they really screwed up not having star wars land ready for the new movies that are coming out. It will be another 10 years before they finish it and the hype will be long gone. Blame it on Brazil, terrorists, whatever you can find to shift the blame but it really is due to bad management. No surprise Stags bailed.

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