Comments for VIDEO: “Thor: Ragnarok” director looking to make the thunder god way more interesting


  1. Fk

    Make him a transgender homophobe with a mommy complex.

  2. EricJ

    Loki was pretty much the star of Thor 2, but that’s because the whole thing was an unholy mess to begin with, and Disney was capitalizing on Hiddleston’s popularity from the Avengers movie.
    The Grandmaster now seems to be the trickster of Thor 3, so there’s no need for Little-Bro to show up, and we can focus on Hemsworth’s Thor, who, I’ll give him credit, IS in character enough to be more than just abs.

    As for the Ghostbusters movie, wish we could say as much, but he’s reportedly the funniest thing in it, and that includes the four gals.

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