Comments for VIDEO: Seth Rogen parodies Walt Disney in a new promo for “Sausage Party”


  1. EricJ

    Rogen has repeatedly said he couldn’t STAND the CGI movies he was forced to make at Dreamworks, and…this whole movie sort of shows it.
    You could cut the stoner passive-hostility with a chainsaw.

  2. Unbridled

    Adam McCabe can always be counted on for bouts of pure, unbridled hyperbole.

  3. EricJ

    Don’t blame Rogen for Green Hornet–
    Blame the producers who heard Kevin Smith was going to do a (serious) Hornet movie, and decided to do what they thought was going to be “Kevin Smith’s Hornet” when Smith dropped it. (Why else would anyone in the -world- hire Michel Gondry for a comic-book movie?)

    But yeah, if you’re WONDERING whether this CGI movie was Rogen’s personal foul-mouthed stoner tantrum against “kiddy” animated movies, the Walt bit clinches it.

  4. Kristin Blair

    Lol! I love parodies! I look forward to laughing my derrière off at this one!

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