Comments for VIDEO: Set sail on Pirates of the Caribbean: Battle for the Sunken Treasure full ride POV from Shanghai Disneyland


  1. Monty

    So that looks amazing….. Absolutely Amazing.

  2. Greg

    Incredible! When will they be replacing the US versions with this! Kidding of course, but man that is awesome!

  3. Greg

    Also, interesting in that it seems like the boats must be separated more, to allow for some show scenes to target one boat at a time. That must reduce capacity, but seems very much worth it for the extras that provides.

  4. Kevin

    That looks absolutely amazing. Disney Imagineering at it’s finest. I hope this ride finds it’s way to at least one of the US parks!

    1. Chris

      I believe something similar is being implemented for one of the rides at Animal Kingdom Pandora. Obviously not POTC but same boat tech.

  5. EricJ

    And, of course, the entire undersea ride means no Walt pirates, so…even the “tribute” Key dog is dead!
    But at least they kept another Blue Bayou style restaurant view…Ohh, that is so cool!

    And while Walt’s Pirates over here are untouchable, and Depp’s sequels have pretty much had it….New Ariel ride for WDW/DL. NOW. 🙂

  6. TelB.

    So once again an indoor ride spoiled by the number of people using flash photography, My wife and I had noticed how this situation was gradually getting worse on our last 3 visits to Disney World.
    Such a pity that this has selfish habit spoils things for the majority, people have become so inconsiderate towards others.

  7. Praba

    Wait, why not link to @mattfinnemore’s video? Did ITM acquire it from him. Please don’t tell me you guys are taking other people’s videos and uploading them to your own YouTube channel for the views.

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