Comments for VIDEO: First look at new King Kong animated figure from the upcoming Skull Island: Reign of Kong attraction at Universal Orlando


  1. Genesis

    why does kong look super fake considering that its universal I thought he would look at least some what realistic

    1. Reagan greer

      really i think he looks really realistic but we will have to see opening day

  2. Eric

    Universal is kicking Disney’Store azz in terms of the number and quality of new attractions. Disney takes forever to launch anything and they are using the same technology from decades ago. Seems like Universal has something new and better every year.

    1. Jared

      Well, let’s see…
      2010-2020 Orlando
      Forbidden Journey
      Fast and Furious
      Jimmy Fallon (why am I including this?)
      7DMT (Some don’t like it, but I think it achieved it’s purpose as best it could)
      Avatar Na’vi River Journey
      Avatar Flight of Passage
      Toy Story Slinky Coaster
      Star Wars Battle Escape attraction
      Star Wars Millenium Falcon attraction

      That’s 6-6, however Universal’s headliners are already passed, while Disney’s have yet to come.

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