Comments for VIDEO: Check in on Disneyland during a transitional period while the park’s Star Wars expansion construction progresses


  1. Thanks for this. Very interesting. We’re toying with planning a weekend trip later this year and I was wondering about the current state of things.

    1. Eveline Messina

      I too am coming to Disney World and would like to know if Star Wars and the Rivers of America will be opened May 25 of this year?

  2. Linda Keener

    I will be visiting Disneyland Park on May 25 & 26. Please tell me what areas are closed in both parks during these days

  3. Rene Leija

    This was very interesting. It’s weird to see the back half of the river drained and how shallow it really is (or at least looks).

    1. Mike Celestino

      I should have noted in the video that the river has been filled in with dirt since it was drained. It was much deeper than this before.

  4. Larry

    It’s heartbreaking to see what’s being done to the Rivers of America.

  5. Matt

    What construction company has the contract for Star Wars Land or is everything done in house at Disney??

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