Comments for “The Muppets” gets the hook during a day full of cancellations at ABC


  1. Tim

    I think the big reason the muppets failed was number one, you don’t bring up adult subject matter in a kids show or what it once was.. Miss Piggy Divorcing Kermit the frog is just so wrong.

    1. Fan

      It was never advertised as a kids show. It actually turned into a great show.

    2. EricJ

      The show was trying to follow the “So wrong!” humor of the ’11 movie, to fans who only watched the ’11 movie because they were sentimental for the old characters.
      Which is why the second movie flopped, when those same fans finally realized what they WERE getting.

      If Disney wants to make money off of Kermit, I can think of two DVD sets that haven’t been released yet…

  2. Sue

    The Disney Infinity game has been cancelled to, and Avalanche software has been shut down. No more Disney games. It was on business news today that Disney profits are down for the last quarter. http://www.businessinsider.com/disney-infinity-cancelled-2016-5

    1. Mike

      They pulled infinitys plug because they released new versions too quickly which turns the whole game into a money pit…

  3. Douglas

    I tuned into the first 3 shows and I thought the subject matter they were trying to do on this reboot was to strong especially if you were trying to make it family friendly show. After the debut I lost any want to continue watching

  4. Tom JK

    Good riddance. That Muppets show looked dreadful. I, for one thing, was impressed with the 2011 film, and I think it surely had the charm of the Muppets themselves and their previous films. It was a great comeback. I think “Muppets: Most Wanted” wasn’t that successful, due to the competition it had with “Divergent.” Otherwise, there might be other reasons why it went that way. I think it was the absence of Jason Segel and Amy Adams that killed it. Also, Constantine (Kermit’s evil doppelganger) was kind of a lazy creation. So, let’s just hope the Muppets have another good comeback for the time being.

  5. Douglas todd

    The Muppets, alllllll the way back to beginning of their existence were NEVER intended as a ‘kids show’..

    Don’t confuse the Muppets with Sesame Street.

    1. EricJ

      Michael Eisner supposedly DID, that’s rumored to be one of the reasons with his Ahab-obsessiveness over pursuing the Muppets deal for fifteen years.
      (FTR, Henson owns the Muppet characters, but Sesame Workshop owns the Elmo and Big Bird merchandising rights.)

      When he finally got them before he left, the new regime reportedly had no idea why or what to do with them.

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