Comments for The fifth “Transformers” flick gets a title — and it’s not “Michael Bay’s Fun-Time Explosion Adventure”


  1. EricJ

    Bay didn’t want to come back, but Paramount got him back in the hopes they could now, quote, “link-universe” it with other Transformers-clone Hasbro properties they want to make.
    If this isn’t trying to plant would-be “Marvel-style” hints and crowbar open the door for an already announced ROM: the Space Knight movie, I’ll make it a Cherry Coke Zero with an ice cream float.

  2. Eva

    I’ve only seen the first two movies, thought that the first movie was fine on its own, and enjoyed the ride at Universal so my knowledge of the “Transformers” movies at this point is somewhat limited. Then again, opinion on Michael Bay is somewhat of a love-hate thing.

    Like you mentioned, it’s good popcorn fun even if I have a bucket of issues with the second movie. If you’re right on what this one is going to be, though, I’ll toss over a Coke Raspberry and deliver a slam-dunk high-ten.

  3. Jason Gu

    Personally, I would absolutely like the twins, Mudflap and Skids back on the franchise despite the controversy from “Revenge of the Fallen”.

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