Comments for Small and sparsely “spookified” – Beetle House NYC has opened to the public


  1. Kate

    I say Disney has ruined all other vacations for me because I now have such high expections for everything…so I try to put myself in a non-Disney addicts shoes. Even doing that the restuarnt wasn’t that great. The food was okay but not worth the price, same with the drinks. And it didn’t have much Tim Burton theme aside from music and a poorly dressed beetle juice impersonator. ALSO I believe on the website it say kids are allowed if accompanied by an adult…but the beetle juice guy was not suitable for younger audiences…he had a squeaker in his crotch…was definitely expecting a little more tastefulness…

  2. Ryan

    A website called Inside the Magic gives a bad review to a bar they’ve never even been inside? Lol. Low effort Mike.

    I actually went with some friends last week and had a blast. Food was fantasic, awesome Danny Elfman inspired soundtrack, and the guy playing Beetlejuice was ON POINT…costume, voice and all. He even softened up his act when kids were around. Dude sounded exactly like him and knew everyline.

    The only negatives I could think were it was a bit cramped and the drinks were pricy. But it didnt bother me. Its an east village bar, all the bars are cramped. And the drinks were strong af, so I got my moneys worth.

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