Small and sparsely “spookified” – Beetle House NYC has opened to the public

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Last month I was excited to report on a Tim Burton inspired bar and restaurant opening in New York City.  The Beetle Bar recently had a soft opening and is now in business; so, I decided to scour the weird wide web to glean whatever glamorous goods I could dig up on the new venue.

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(images amNEWYORK)

I was somewhat disappointed on what I found.  I get that many spaces in the city are not much more than shotgun-style oversized hallways and that, in itself, is not an issue. Maybe my expectations are too high (living in the land of theme parks, facades and over-the-top events for 15 years may have jaded my hopes)?

Leaning on Burton for inspiration, I expected more creepy and bizarre décor and a better use of the layout. Granted, I’ve not visited the place, but a picture is worth a thousand words . . .and what I saw disappointed. There are a few weird items on the wall, a couple photos from Burton’s films and an enticing (if not pricey) menu, but that’s where the themed fun ends.

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(image, and cover image, donuts4dinner)

Sadly, even the appearances of the paranormal pal himself, Beetlejuice, seem cheap, as seen in this YouTube birthday video:

(video: YouTube post by PaulOwenGuardian)

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(Above images courtesy of bedfordandbowery – which also reports that the bar and restaurant has been served a cease and desist order from Warner Brothers, the owners of the Beetlejuice move rights)

Hopefully, as time marches on and the owners have the place running for a while, we’ll see more Burton-inspired décor.  Until then, I’m reluctant to say the big guy’s name more than once.  Best of luck Beetle Bar – great concept, hoping for more Burton please.

(Image and Story sources: amNEWYORK, Donuts4Dinner, & BedfordAndBowery)

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