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  1. AWESOME!!!!!

  2. Joan Todd

    And, if you’ve been to Cons before, considering volunteering. Depending on the Con, you can sometimes get a free day pass for volunteering for 3 hours or so. It’s a great way to get in free, and you get to see the other side of the Con. Warning – you may end up doing line control outside, so plan ahead. The more times you volunteer, the better your chances of getting a fun volunteer position.

  3. Raymond Facompre

    Please take a minute to read this:
    ***MegaCon is managed by a new firm, Informa Exhibitions who has subcontracted with Superior Expo Services. Superior has subcontracted with GDR Expo who is paying below area standard wages and benefits. If you, or anyone reading this, agrees the people should come before corporate profits email Charles McCurdy at charles.mccurdy@informa.com and urge Informa to pay area standard wages and benefits to workers on the MegaCon show in Orlando, Florida.

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