Comments for Kevin Feige announces that Marvel is committed to making a Black Widow movie


  1. EricJ

    WHY?? The whole idea was only existed in the first place when it was sinking in that audiences were -ehh- on Iron Man 2, so Paramount–being the horny non-fan studio that they were–thought maybe showing more of ScarJo’s leather hinder was thinking what fans, quote, “really” wanted to see.
    That was six years and two Avengers movies ago, Kevin, get over it and write it off already! We’re not falling into post-Inhumans desperation to dig up old memo project ideas already, are we?

  2. Coffeemonster

    Wow, Eric, bored of hating on Ghostbusters so soon?

    Back behind your ‘Gate, there’s a chap.

  3. Stephanie

    I would love, love, LOVE for them to finally do a BW movie. I’ve definitely wanted one for ages. It’d be so cool to see them explore her past more in depth, and give us a better look at just what makes Nat tick.

    1. EricJ

      But how could they do that now?
      The only past canon “story” Marvel really has of her is her forbidden-romantic fling with Hawkeye when she was double-agenting for Hydra and he was sent to bring her in–
      Back when the first Avengers movie came out, that seemed like a good idea for a movie, until the “Family man” and “Hulk romance” in Age of Ultron screwed everything up.

  4. tausha

    I think its about damn time they have a female lead movie. every avengers movie that has come out has been dominant to a male role. I think its amazing that black widow would be in the works! female superheroes are just as important and powerful, and since black widow is such an important character to the avengers she should get her own backstory and trilogy

  5. Missy

    I can only hope a BW movie happens! !! She is bad a$$!!! I think there is a lot of potential for a great story about her. Girl Power!!!!!

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