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  1. Jared

    If this is true, then Universal won’t be opening this expansion till at least 2025, probably 2030. Universal is not ready for a 3rd gate yet. You’ll see hotels being built but UC and budgets can’t handle Beijing and this at the same time, they just can’t.

    1. jim

      you do know that comcast owns NBC/Universal whom own the Universal parks right? Comcast has a ship-load of money

      1. Jared

        Comcast is in a high revenue business, but their expenses in maintaining their assets and infrastructure is also astronomical. Disney made more profit than Comcast last year despite Comcast having roughly $20 billion more in revenue. Also, Disney has a ton more in financial assets, whereas Comcast has far more real assets. This has Disney at a huge advantage over Comcast.

      2. Jared

        Plus, Universal Parks are 4% of Comcast’s business. It’s tiny. Despite the CEO’s comments, which are really nothing more than typical stockholder reassurance, Comcast is not going to explode the budgets of a sector that is 4% of their business to well over 10% of their spending, not to mention Comcast will be investing massively in the cable business in the next decade to compete with fiber optic rivals like Google Fiber, AT&T’s new fiber optic expansions, etc.

  2. Sally Scholl

    That price should be for Universal & Islands of Adventure!!!

  3. EricJ

    Maybe the main monorail-system stop will be themed to the USF Simpsons area.
    (What’s it called? MONORAIL!)

  4. Adam

    The cool thing about the monorail at Disneyland is that you can go from your Hotel to the back of the park. All of the parks in Florida start at the front and work back. It would’ve been amazing to have transport from our Hotel to Diagon Alley and then work our way back to the front.

    1. WDW FL

      Disneyland is not in Florida

  5. rplrx

    If you superimpose this map over a satellite version you will see that there is already a “water channel/canal” where the transportation line is. Hmmm…

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