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  1. EricJ

    I CAN’T BELIEVE this is actually becoming a thing–But then, this is the same year where Trump voters actually believe that Bernie Sanders is personally sending out his “army of protestors” to wreck rallies, muahaha…
    Bat-Boiz are so determined to prove that Batman v. Superman was a Movie Unfairly Wronged, they’re looking for “industry conspiracies” wherever they can find one, in the hopes it’ll somehow “discredit” the fact that Zack Snyder destroyed his career at Warner.

    “It -must- be Disney bribes, because if it was just Marvel, why would Fox get mediocre reviews for X-Men Apocalypse?” Oh, I don’t know, maybe Apocalypse was a MEDIOCRE MOVIE, and Civil War WASN’T?
    This is becoming the -exact same- turning point that Animation faced in ’02-’03, when critics and analysts had to come to grips with the fact that audiences were starting to tell the difference between a Pixar movie, a Dreamworks movie, and a Paramount Nickelodeon movie–Only last time, when analysts tore their hair and said “Why did Finding Nemo become a hit and Sinbad and Hey Arnold flop?”, we started to grasp the idea that -maybe- one’s studio’s output was not as good as another’s.
    Possibly, by the end of the year, we’ll reach that apotheosis that, like ’03 animation, “Superhero movies” are not some monolithic marketable coverall genre from one nameless studio, that All Comic Book Movies Are Not Created Equal, and…that maybe Zack Snyder and Bryan Singer really are crap directors after all, and that Fox should give back their heroes like Sony did. And if we do finally realize that, sure as heck took us long enough.

  2. Tom JK

    I am going to point this out. I haven’t seen “X-Men: Apocalypse” yet, but Bryan Singer isn’t really that crappy of a director. He did the first X-Men and “X2,” produced “First Class,” and directed “Days of Future Past,” which were actually some good X-Men films. Yet, one of his best films is “The Usual Suspects.” I won’t say he’s up there with Nolan, Spielberg, or Scorsese. However, with the exception of “Superman Returns,” he’s had some impressive work. I forgot, he also did “Valkyrie.”

    Still, I knew “Apocalypse” wouldn’t be that strong as the others. I guess I’ll find out once I see it soon enough.

  3. Jack

    I seriously doubt there is any kind of conspiracy going on here but I would like to call out the author on his apparent lack of knolwedge of the BvS film.

    Author: How did Superman know Bruce Wayne was Batman? What exactly was Lex Luthor’s reason for hating Superman? Why was Diana Prince looking at that sword in the museum with Bruce?

    How did Superman know Bruce Wayne was Batman? Really? Uhhh….maybe because he has x-ray vision and super hearing? I can’t believe you think this is a plot hole.

    What was Lex Luthor’s reason for hating Superman? Because he was a power thirsty psychopath who believed that Superman was in insult to the human race and to himself. He had a deep hatred of Gods and people who God like power. This is all thoroughly explained in the film.

    Why was Diana Prince looking at that sword in the museum with Bruce? Well, Diana was looking at the sword. Bruce was looking for Diana. Bruce finds Diana looking at the sword and so he looks at it too before making conversation. Is this seriously a question? I mean really? Does it even matter why they were both looking at a sword?

    It’s hard for me to believe the author LOVED BvS when he obviously couldn’t follow the plot. lol

    1. will

      To the question of how did Superman know Bruce was Batman, they show him overheardhis communication with Alfred and he’s not an idiot

  4. tytty


    Disney is bribing the critics to badmouth Dc movies. Which is why Suicide Squad was such a hit but the critics panned it.

    Your idols have no integrity, face it.

  5. Ted

    Quit lying you know Disney is bribing.

  6. Mac

    Now, at the end of 2017, with the absolutely awful the last jedi out, praised by critics and hated by viewers worldwide, i have NO DOUBT DISNEY IS PAYING CRITICS.

    The movie is a disaster. And almost no professional critics said anything.


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