Comments for “Foolish Mortals” documentary will take an in-depth look at Haunted Mansion fan culture


  1. This is awesome! It makes me proud to be a part of Disney Fandom to see fans put such hard work into a passion project!

  2. Figgs

    I cannot even tell you how disappointed I am in the Kickstarter campaign that was put together for this project. It’s going to fall $40,000 short of its $50,000 budget. There is no way around it – it was a complete and total disaster. Totally bungled. This project had SUCH potential! There is a huge following for the Haunted Mansion, and all these guys had to do was put together a coherent, sensible campaign. But nope, it was thoroughly mismanaged. They left SO much money on the table! The rewards were not put together well, the numbers of specific rewards was not high enough, they had “mystery rewards” that gave no hint of what you were getting, and when people even BEGGED them to create more reward levels so they could bid more and get more in return, their response was that the bidders should pledge a random amount that would include all the rewards they wanted! Never mind that they were effectively telling the bidders to run their campaign for them, and never mind that by having to combine packages you would be double, triple, or even quadruple buying the streaming copy of the film. These filmmakers should be ashamed of this fiasco.

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