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  1. EricJ

    He says he’s apologizing because fanboys are dumping the blame on HIS doorstep. Even though he doesn’t have to, I have more respect for him than for the fans.
    DB:E had been through a mess of development-hell mutations (it was originally supposed to be Fox’s DBZ series to pull the rug out from under Warner, until they found out it wasn’t the beginning of the series), and when Ramsey says he was “hired for a paycheck”, that’s exactly what he was–He’d been hired to streamline an earlier messier script that was even closer to the original series, kept most of it, and tried to make out-of-context sense of the rest, and then fix a few mistakes back when the fans complained.

    Ramsey’s comments seem to be more “What the heck do you WANT from me, anymore??” to the fans than “Mea culpa”, since he-a really didn’t.

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