Comments for Disney Dollars to Be Officially Discontinued at Disneyland and Walt Disney World


  1. Raegan Prest

    So sad that they are being discontinued! (And with such short notice!) We always purchased Disney Dollars as soon as we arrived at our resort as the kids souveneir money. They loved it! Much more fun than regular money.

  2. Jenny Kulp

    Loved this idea for kids before getting to Disney. Given as a gift to them before the actual vacation. Sad.

  3. Danielle

    I have a Disney dollar from when I visited Orlando in 1991, I was 4 years old st the time. it’s tucked away nice and safe in my memory box X

  4. Terri Ohara

    Iso saddened to hear about the Disney Dollars being discontinued-My daughters first trip to Disney was in May 1988 and I started collecting them at that time. I always purchased one for my daughter and son on every visit-and they made them for special occasions as well. Then I continued the tradition with my grandchildren. This is not sitting pretty with me-it was the most least expensive souvenir we could get for the kids and they are even saved in their baby books. I have never used them to make purchases I just always collected them as a special memory from our many trips to Walt Disney World.

  5. EricJ

    Like they say, it’s all about gift cards now–
    I had no trouble with the concept of Disney Dollars or where to spend them, just that most of my GC money was on a Disney gift card (all my Visa bonus points), and even then, just using my Magic Band to buy things made even that seem “old-school”. 🙂

    The Dollars had pretty much become just used for giving to your young kids on the trips as an allowance for when you didn’t want to give them real money.

  6. Doug

    How is it that the corporation that is run too much by business and not about the people anymore, can not see how much profit they had with this idea? Obvious in the other comments, people collected these and didn’t spend them all. They cost almost nothing to make and people would pay 1 to 50 dollars for something that cost probably cents to print. People don’t put random amounts onto gift cards and then just hold onto them.
    This was a money maker for the company. Again, how do the accountaneers not get this?

    1. Sam

      Obviously they weren’t making a profit. I promise you a company like Disney puts some research into these kinds of decisions. If they were making money doing it, they would keep doing it.

      1. Bob

        Well there isnt a possible way they could have been losing money doing this.

  7. Thomas Calandra

    Walt Disney really knows how to take things away from the fans and makes you not wanting to take a vacation at there resorts and theme parks.

  8. loren

    Can you still redeem disney dollars in the parks?

    1. Donna

      Yes……but I would hold on to them. If they are in very good condition they are worth much more to a collector than face value.

  9. amber saras

    So disappointing! Forgot to purchase them when I was there last in October 2015! Planned to purchase as souvenirs when we visit this Fall! They are a great inexpensive and original souvenir! Lokslike I have to go to Amazon! Glad I have one from 1989 when I went on my first visit!!

  10. Cheryl

    So sad to read this. Disney will roll in his grave! All
    Walt wanted was to please his visitors. Make there holiday the best and this is one thing people love in Disney! Amongst everything else. I remember when you had to return a stroller and
    They gave you a Disney dollar in return. I have a collection from $1-$10 which are framed with our memories. My fav is Cinderella

  11. Manuel

    I still have mine signed by Mickey when I went as a kid. I took my daughter for her birthday in March and she got one signed by Mickey herself
    So sad these are going away

  12. Megann

    I have one that was released for the movie Chicken Little!

  13. Mary

    Drove 20 miles to Disney springs to get Disney dollars for great grandson yesterday May 13 only to be told by Nora in guest relations that they were sold out. Sad!

  14. liamfan

    How is this bad news for collectors? I would think it’s good news. Those of us who still have our Disney Dollars will be able to sell them to collectors now. 😉

  15. Mo

    Sad to see them go. I loved gifting them to my nieces and nephews for their trips to Disneyland. Wish I would have kept some .

  16. Jayne

    Gutted that Disney Dollars are being discontinued, we have always bought them at each of our visits and my children who are now 20 and 18 cherish them 🙁

  17. Bradley

    I just went to Disney World. My nephew gave me 6 Disney dollars my mom had left over from 1988. I kept them and brought them home. Hopefully they will be collectibles after they discontinue them. These are in mint condition.

  18. Mark

    Hm… Not if this is factual?
    However having a stack of the Disneyland dollars I hope they will still honor the value when redeemed at parks. Unfair to to the fans and amusement. Why not introduce some Star War dollars that might be push for continued the momentum of Disney fun.

  19. George

    I think some of the impetus to discontinue them fits into the cost cutting mode at all the parks that has been chronicled with the increased costs with Shanghai. In the long run it costs them money as mentioned since its like printing money that people don’t spend. However the bean counters can say they saved $250,000 since they didn’t pay to print any new ones this quarter.
    So sad since little things like this made visiting special to someone of us. Every theme has exciting rides but the little things used to make Disney special.

  20. Nancy Johnson

    I was at Disneyland last week when it was announced and when ToonTown was the last place that had some left. I ended up buying $60 worth in tens and ones (that’s all they had left). The funny thing is I wouldn’t have bought any except for the “last chance” excitement. LOL

  21. Billy Simmons

    Bring them back , please.

  22. Jessy S.

    My only connection to Disney Dollars. Try the Simpsons in the “Itchy and Scratchy Land” episode. There, Homer buys some of that theme park’s currency only to learn that the currency isn’t accepted anywhere in the park.

  23. So very very sad..my children and grandchildren just
    loved them..Disney you should be ashamed? I thought
    Disney was about the children…guess NOT

  24. Alana

    This breaks my heart! My kids are now teenagers and we look forward to Disney Dollars every trip! As a Disney passholder, this is a sad change. Sometimes, the old way is the best way.Please reconsider!

  25. Sandy

    Very sad to hear this news. I agree with everyone else.. I always buy the newly released dollars, they are fun to collect…just one more change that makes me less excited about Disneyland.

  26. Scott

    I think it has to do with the bean counters. If I sell a million dollars worth of gift certificates… I have to reserve a million dollars. So if people by them and don’t use them… Disney effectively has to keep millions of dollars in the bank forever

  27. From an accounting point of view Disney dollars are a nightmare, gift cards expire OR have service fees that eat away at them until they are worthless (read your fine print) Disney Dollars are always an outstanding debt, they could, in theory, be redeemed at any moment and add no cash value whatsoever when redeemed. Thsi is the same reason TRU did away with Geoffrey money around 1999-2001

  28. Linda

    Sadly I had Disney dollars from my trips to orlando from the 1980 , I alway bought Disney dollars everytime I went, but we had a fire and they are now all black I was trying to replace them, but I’m in the uk so only go every couple of years, I know I can buy second had but it’s not the same magical memory of collecting these Disney dollars, very sad to see these stop.

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