Comments for “Disney Infinity” video games and toys to be officially discontinued


  1. John


  2. Katy

    They failed to mention that all of the digital designers and animators for this project are losing their jobs! The studio in SLC is shutting down and they are letting them all go.

  3. Christophe Couët

    Big StarWars fan in the family, just read the News to my son… Realy disapointed, we were expecting a Rogue One adventure set !

  4. Milli

    My daughter is going to be devastated !!

  5. Tori

    My boys are not happy!

  6. Kristin

    I’m a total Disney nut, but I’m glad I didn’t jump into this series. It certainly seemed to be losing some steam over the past year as there always seemed to be a sale on the figures.

  7. Cyn Henderson

    My grand kids are going to be devastated!!!! They play this game all the time . Look forward to purchasing different characters. When we was in Disney bought things . SAD 🙁

  8. Noooooooooo.. This was an awesome product comparable to Activision’s Skylanders, but with our favorite Disney Characters. We were looking forward to new characters to play with.

    1. Kylo

      This game is way better than Skylanders I am totally DEVASTATED!!!!!!!?

    2. Kylo

      This game is way better than Skylanders I am totally DEVASTATED!!!!!!!?????

  9. Jenn Natti

    My son will be devastated. We love Disney infinity at our house.

  10. Allie BC

    Personally not happy with the fact it’s being discontinued but can’t really say I’m surprised. The sets were expensive, the add ons were expensive, even the new figures were about fourteen bucks a pop. I am curious as to where the Playmation sets fit in with all of this because I’ve only recently started seeing those in stores and they look like the same basic idea as Disney Infinity and those are Disney.

  11. Yesenia

    My nefews loved all the characters in this franchise. They are very disappointed

  12. Keara

    This is devastating!! My children love Disney Infinity. They are going to be crushed. Please, reconsider! Is there anything we can say or do to change your mind?

    1. Scarlet

      This is not Inside The Magic’s decision. It’s Disney’s, and they are not reconsidering.

  13. Wendy

    My son just loves the Star Wars play set! We are so ver disapointed in this decision by Disney. We’ve just recently became Wii U customers and can’t believe this news.

  14. Alli

    Nooooooooooo! This is not acceptable! We are huge Disney fans and play Infinity weekly! How can this be happening?

  15. EricJ

    So…Skylanders “beat” Infinity? Sure wouldn’t know it, to talk to the gamers.
    I’d just been finally on the verge of getting a set (I’m not the “toybox game” type, and I don’t play Minecraft either), but…oh, well. It would probably happen sooner if I had.

  16. Bryan

    So when it’s discontinued will my son still be a me to play what he has? All game sets will still work just no new ones correct?

    1. Chris

      All the existing stuff will continue to exist… there just won’t be any more after the Alice Through the Looking Glass and Finding Dory playsets/figures.

      1. Krystal Summers

        No if u don’t download the community toy boxes after March something 2017 they are gone u have to download them to your hard drive.

  17. Tami

    What?! My son loves Disney Infinity! We have 1.0, 2.0, & 3.0 versions both for wii u and his ipad. He plays Skylanders, Minecraft, etc. but Disney is one of his favorites because of the creativity – he can create his own world – he loves the freedom found in Disney Infinity. Very disappointing news. 🙁

  18. Jen

    This is extremely disappointing as our two children own all the characters, both 2.0 and 3.0 and it’s the only video game we allowed our kids to play both because of the familiarity our kids have with the Disney characters, it is family friendly and inspires creativity in young minds especially with toy box.

    Bad move Disney.

  19. Kim

    Very disappointed. We love playing this as a family. Originally bought it because our youngest son is autistic and loves Disney, especially Mickey. It was one of the few games he connected with right away since he could do what he wanted in Toy Box mode and we could join in playing along side him. Hoping they don’t remove the features that are currently available.

  20. Joel

    It became “Finite” the minute it went 2.0 and Disney required you to buy new game unit to use the new characters. No one was going to keep upgrading every year when Disney decided to use incompatible programming for newer characters.

  21. Scott

    VERY disappointing to those of us who’ve spent so much time and money on this. I was really enjoying the new Marvel characters, too – just bought Vision yesterday and looking forward to getting Ant Man, Black Panther, and black Spider-Man. I kinda felt this would happen, but I wish they would surprise us with a bunch of classic characters to round out the 1.0, 2.0, 3.0 series. I mean, can we at least get Goofy, Pluto, and some others? Maybe some more Pixar characters like Wall-E and Eve? Not happy at all, here.

  22. Julian

    So I guess we’ll never get a Darkwing Duck figure 🙁

  23. Chris

    This sucks, my daughters play this everyday. I was in the process of collecting all the characters. I hope someone else picks up the game and keeps making it.

  24. Jess

    My son just spent his birthday money on this. Maybe we have time to return it so he can get his money back what a waste.

    1. Dank Sir

      Get rekt

  25. Rich

    My son and I love the game. But I can understand why it under performs from a sales standpoint. It’s quite the investment to keep up with characters and playsets and power discs etc… I still wish it was staying. And I feel for the developers who lost their jobs because of the cancellation.

  26. M P

    Gee, it’s almost like adding in all that Marvel/Star Wars stuff was a waste of money. Seriously, it’s called DISNEY Infinity. Know your target audience and learn from your mistakes. People were asking for figures of Goofy, Darkwing, and Simba. Instead we get, Ant Man?
    This is very irresponsible of Disney to do, they should have tried cleaning up their act before giving up completely. But no, they won’t. They’re too big of a company to see the potential hanging in front of their face.
    And before anyone compares it to Skylanders, the actual “games” are two very different things that should not be compared. The addition of figures does not count. Does having DLC mean you have to compare Call of Duty to No More Heroes HD?

  27. Conrad

    This is totally ridiculous, we have a small fortune invested in these characters and play set and this is the appreciation we get in return. Xbox one doesn’t support Xbox 360 Disney infinity and now discontinued altogether. Disney is becoming less about family enjoyment and more about the mighty dollar. I wonder what Walt would think?? Such a disappointment in Disney.

  28. Dave

    Very disappointing, my daughter and I love playing it. She’ll be heartbroken that there won’t ever be a Lion King set now. I felt like 3.0 was really hitting the platform’s stride. I think what probably hurt most was the way you bought the game, but didn’t get the whole game. I could handle paying $75 for the starter set, but that I should be able to play everything for that. I can go get more characters and discs to make it more fun, but it always irked me a little that you had to buy the play sets in addition to the starter in order to play them (1.0 at least have you 3 to start, 3.0 only gave you one). When you compare the content to other modern games, it was nowhere near as deep as what you get with most games on day one.

    The other problem as I see it was the dumb decision to do things like lock away BB8 in a place I’m sure a lot of kids could never achieve. I’m sure there are plenty who could, but why take such an iconic character and keep it hidden? That should be available right away if it isn’t a playable character.

    I thought the Infinity Next was going to take the 3.0 platform, then just release the playsets digitally instead of with the Playset crystal piece, and you could get the characters in the store.

    *sigh* Well, at least we have what we have, and weren’t promised something big that wasn’t delivered.

  29. Kathleen Kelly

    We invested alot of money. Bought 2.0 then upgraded to 3.0 We purchased alot of characters too. The mistake you made was having children create everything! Too much work! The game needed to Blast Off and it didn’ t. For that reason my grandkids preferred the skylanders. We love the Disney characters. Hope you develop a new game that can use the characters so all my money wasn’ t wasted. Disappointed!

  30. Tom JK

    Every time there were upgrades, that is what killed it for me. I don’t care if anyone else has done this: I am not buying an X-Box 1 just so I can play recent games. It’s too much money, and it soon makes me feel like we wasted money for buying a game system that would be discontinued. All we have is X-Box 360. This is what annoys me about the gaming industry. They can’t just leave one platform alone.

    As for Disney Infinity- It looked fun, but I heard that it sometimes took long for things to load. Check the Honest Trailer, if you want to know. I really like the figures, though. If the game is ending, at least make more of those characters as PVC toys. I like how most of them looked, including that Joy and Anger set. I do like their Marvel and Star Wars figurines, but they should’ve been separate lines.

    I know they own these properties, but when I think of Disney, I don’t think of Star Wars. I think of Cinderella or The Little Mermaid. I think of Pixar characters. I think of Mickey Mouse and friends. All of those are central to Disney. They’re the main course. Marvel and Star Wars are more like the specials. Again, there should’ve been separate lines.

  31. Karen

    Oh no! It was getting so much better too! Each generation they improved and improved. I loved this last set. I’m the grown-up, and this is my game. I love the figurines, I love the stories! I had so much fun gardening with this new set, and just playing around the Toy Box Hub. I don’t build the toy boxes, but I loved the user generated or the pre-built. I had a ball last week just having Tinkerbell kick the daylights out of Kylo Ren! That kind of interaction is so neat and creative. This breaks my heart. Sorry to hear of job losses that may result from this. It’s a beautiful product and they should be very proud.

  32. Lorenzo

    Man this is such a bummer I love Disney Infinity and honestly didn’t have a problem with the pricing. Me and my family would all sit in the living room and play it together. Very sad to see Disney discontinue it. 🙁

  33. Larry

    So, disappointed.
    The articles about the mismanagement of the over-production of stock, the insistence of promoting movie tie-ins over classics,… it shows how the corporate side killed the creative side.

    What a bad decision, Disney. Instead of firing the entire team, a replacement of management a year ago would have been the better strategy.

  34. Caleb

    So does this mean you won’t be able to buy the stuff that has already been released? Like Black Panther and Kylo Ren?

  35. Andy

    For everyone who would like to see Disney Infinity live on please sign this petition…every name helps!


    1. Larry


  36. Lauren

    This is throughly disappointing…..I have a 4 ur old son and this is the only video game he is allowed to play due in large part to the fact it is disney with familiar characters and geared to family fun instead of killing people and lots of inappropriate language…. I guess we should just be happy he can still play it just no new products!! 🙁

  37. Amy

    I think it sucks to not have Disney infinity any more
    My family and I love playing the games and collecting all the characters
    There decent prices and last a life time
    It’s sad to see them go

  38. Tresa

    Please say this is a sick joke. I have all three infinity games and almost all the figures. Not only did this game bring my family together but I just spent another 400 plus to get a system and starter pack and other figures for another family. If there is any way for disney to reconsider please do.


    This is a disgrace the only thing my child with special needs plays raging is a understatement

  40. Simon

    i just bought series3 for christmas thinking there will be more characters, this really sucks.

  41. Krystal Summers

    People are in the dark and alot don’t realize after March 7 2017 the toy box community content where u have the different levels already avaliable will be history u won’t be able to download them unless u have saved the different community toy boxes already made to your system after that date they are history u will only be able to build your own. It won’t be like it is now. And they aren’t making any more products so once all the disks are gone and pieces it’s gone Ull have to buy them used when the used are gone and all broken no more. History poof. Read the Disney infinty Web page about what’s l really leaving after March and what u will really be able to play after that alot of people won’t know until it’s too late

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