Alden Ehrenreich of “Hail, Caesar!” reportedly cast as young Han Solo in “Star Wars” spin-off movie

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Images Copyright Universal / Lucasfilm.

Ever since the still-untitled “Young Han Solo” Star Wars spin-off movie was announced by Disney and Lucasfilm under directors Phil Lord and Chris Miller, fans have been dying to find out which up-and-coming actor would be cast in the role made famous by the legendary Harrison Ford.

After much speculation, the choice has finally been made: according to many sources including the Hollywood Reporter, the part has reportedly been given to Alden Ehrenreich, who recently stole the show in the underrated Coen Brothers comedy “Hail, Caeser!” Check out his comedy chops and charm in the scene below alongside Ralph Fiennes:


I know “Hail, Caesar!” was met with mixed reviews and a tepid audience reaction, but I personally adored it and thought Ehrenreich gave a stand-out, hilarious perfomance. Of all the actors reportedly considered for the role, I had him pegged as the best option and I’m glad Lord and Miller went with him.

I can’t wait to see what they (and writers Lawrence and Jon Kasdan) come up with as an origin story for everyone’s favorite “Star Wars” scoundrel!

in Movies, Star Wars

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