Comments for “Warner Bros. World” theme park coming to Abu Dhabi with Batman, Superman, Looney Tunes, and Hanna-Barbera attractions


  1. Greg

    Why would DC Comics and Warner Bros be interested in opening a business in a country that sees women as second class citizens and outlaws homosexuality? Double standards anyone?

    1. A1anne

      Probably in order to change that. I mean if an american big shot came to place something that will completly upgrade their tourism situation, they won’t have any choices but to please them and change their society.

      1. Greg

        I highly doubt that. There have been big American Companies in places like Abu Dhabi and China for years with no change.

    2. Ebraheem

      Your incorrect, The United Arabs Emirates is one of the most generous countries in the world, UAE offers millions of low income family’s in below proverty counties another chance at life, after Eu and America has turned the back on them, the UAE is also the safest country in the world with crime rate below 2% so please don’t hate be positive and love the UAE

      1. Greg

        So, women DO have all the rights of men and homosexuality, and gay marriage ARE legal in the UAB? Please enlighten as to when that occured?

  2. EricJ

    Six Flags over Abu Dhabi?

  3. Ebraheem alsamadi

    God bless The United Arab Emirates and its Royal Family for contributing this amazing project, offering new jobs to millions of people all over the word,.

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