Comments for War is coming – World of Warcraft smashes into theaters June 10th


  1. RiseAndFall

    I’m pretty sure since release WoW has thrilled significantly more than 5.5 million subscribers.
    At one point it was over 12 million, so total unique subscribers over the past 11+ years is much higher.

    1. RiseAndFall

      Also, would totally love to see some Warcaft at the theme park!

  2. Garaan

    The trailer shown at PAX East is like… 1000x better than all the other trailers shown so far, as far as looking like the source material. (I’m also amused by how wild the audience went over the brief appearance of Ironforge and a dwarf…) NOW, I’m excited. I wasn’t up until now because it seemed like Legendary had no idea what they were really even doing with the trailers.

    That said… inquiring minds want to know… what happened to Llane’s shoes? Tune in June 10 to find out!

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