Comments for VIDEO: Take a sneak peek at the Hyperion Theater refit for “Frozen Live” at Disney California Adventure

Image Copyright 2016 Disney


  1. Zach

    But they couldn’t give the Hyperion a lobby and real facade while they were at it? Once the show opens they won’t shut it down to add those so I guess it’s not happening anytime in the next several years 🙁

    1. EricJ

      Was the Aladdin door part of the big Hollywood Backlot NYC backdrop, or was it somewhere else? (I didn’t see the DCA Aladdin, so I wouldn’t know.) Always thought that was kinda neat, and the Studios should have done something with theirs.
      If there’s a change to the Backlot, as it keeps seeming there’ll be every other time DCA fools with it, the theater will get its change too, but there’s no reason to mess with theming at the moment.

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