Comments for VIDEO: New Haunted Mansion interactive ending being tested at Magic Kingdom


  1. Greg

    Um, no. That is not an improvement in my opinion. What does the one sign even say?

  2. Bill

    Who’s the idiot with the headlamp?

  3. Tasha

    Last night our sign said, “Florida, here we come.” We are from Orlando. 🙂

  4. Mike

    All all all when does Disney do anything spectacular without having some bugs in it. These things will be fixed before it goes live so to say. I think this as so many other things will be Disney awesome. Give it a little time, they could just do the testing with random employees but Disney wants you to be part of it. Take it for what it is a new fangled idea that just needs some ironing out.

  5. LTP

    I love the new enhancements and hope they add even more. They were just coming online during our last trip and we accidentally stumbled upon them. It was so awesome! It can greatly enhance and customize the experience. I can only imagine the great ways they will extend this tech. And if you don’t want it you don’t have to use the magic bands. We don’t come to Disney to go to an “amusement park”. We come for a special experience and Disney magic, and this delivers. Add more MyMagic+ !

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