VIDEO: A first look at "Pandora: The World of Avatar" at Disney's Animal Kingdom - Inside the Magic

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  1. Jorren Thornton

    Is that Pandora font the same as the Pandora (the radio service) font?

    1. Corryn

      No, I think the music service uses a slight variation of Mrs Eaves Lining. The movie uses straight up Papyrus, and the Pandora land logo uses a variation on that.

      1. Corryn

        Actually, I misspoke. I wasn’t aware that the music service had changed their logo a while ago. The fonts are still different, though.

  2. If Pandora: The World of Avatar looks anything like Jon Landau’s house it will be beyond magical! His home is surreal.

  3. EricJ

    Are they still saying “The park will open in time for the hit sequels!”? 😉

  4. Garaan

    Say what you like about the movies, I think -as a theme park land- this is going to be amazing and technologically groundbreaking. Even the architecture they’re using breaks all the rules (FLOATING ISLANDS)… I sort of thought the movie was mostly just a heaping bucket of eye-candy over top of the story from Fern Gully but honestly? I WANT that much eye candy in my theme park. Ride a banshee? Dark ride through luminescent forests? Things to discover in every nook and cranny? I’m 100% there, sign me up. Sell me that completely alien world.

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