VIDEO: A first look at “Pandora: The World of Avatar” at Disney’s Animal Kingdom

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Disney’s Animal Kingdom is about to go out of this world!

Today at the Awaken Summer media event at the Walt Disney World Resort, I got a first-hand look at the massive new world coming to Disney’s Animal Kingdom — Pandora: The World of Avatar. Bob Chapek (Chairman, Walt Disney World Parks and Resorts) and Joe Rohde (Executive Designer and Vice President, Creative) Took the stage to talk about what guests can expect from the fantastical new expansion.

The land, inspired by the blockbuster film Avatar, will come to life in 2017 and guests will have the chance to view the iconic flying rocks, soar over Pandora on the back of a banshee (the big, winged dragon-things), and traverse a bioluminescent forest. But that barely scratches the surface of what the world of Pandora has to offer those coming to Animal Kingdom. Disney has been working hand-in-hand with the Oscar award winning team behind the movie, including James Cameron, to transport guests to a world they will never forget.

Check out the full presentation below:

We will have more information for you as this brilliant new expansion gets closer and closer to becoming a reality. In the meantime, stick with ITM for all things Disney and Avatar!


  1. Jorren Thornton

    Is that Pandora font the same as the Pandora (the radio service) font?

    1. Corryn

      No, I think the music service uses a slight variation of Mrs Eaves Lining. The movie uses straight up Papyrus, and the Pandora land logo uses a variation on that.

      1. Corryn

        Actually, I misspoke. I wasn’t aware that the music service had changed their logo a while ago. The fonts are still different, though.

  2. If Pandora: The World of Avatar looks anything like Jon Landau’s house it will be beyond magical! His home is surreal.

  3. EricJ

    Are they still saying “The park will open in time for the hit sequels!”? 😉

  4. Garaan

    Say what you like about the movies, I think -as a theme park land- this is going to be amazing and technologically groundbreaking. Even the architecture they’re using breaks all the rules (FLOATING ISLANDS)… I sort of thought the movie was mostly just a heaping bucket of eye-candy over top of the story from Fern Gully but honestly? I WANT that much eye candy in my theme park. Ride a banshee? Dark ride through luminescent forests? Things to discover in every nook and cranny? I’m 100% there, sign me up. Sell me that completely alien world.


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