Comments for The original “Star Wars” trilogy returns to the big screen this summer!


  1. Sydney Rundle

    Why is it not playing at Disney Springs?? Kind of disappointed 🙁

  2. Eric

    Wait, you’re excited that they’re putting the Special Edition out in theaters again instead of the original theatrical cut? Why!?

    1. EricJ

      WE know why, but fans refuse to admit it….

  3. Wendy

    Oh Yes! And I am tired of the “got to be only the original” BS, I like it either way, and will be going in NY

  4. Melanie

    Please bring it to Pittsburgh, PA!! We are a big city that loves Star Wars!!

  5. Jeanne

    Yes why isn’t it playing somewhere at Disney. My husband hasn’t seen any of them. Gasp! I know! He needs to see them on the big screen. We more outlets.

  6. Thomas

    Would love to see the actual original trilogy. Couldn’t care less about the re-releases.

  7. Wendi

    Definitely not enough screenings! Both Downtown Disney should have them!

  8. Uhh why not in TAMPA, FL?? Or ORLANDO, FL ???

  9. Alex

    They better have a showing around Atlanta!!

  10. Peggy Jeffries

    I’d be more excited if it were the original release form.

  11. Gus

    Love it can’t wait

  12. Les

    SUCH a great idea!!!!! Just so long as it’s the original versions! Can’t wait, can’t WAIT!!!????????????

    1. EricJ

      It’s not, and you KNOW why. But he’s retired now, so he can’t do any more damage to it.

  13. Brandy

    Why isn’t it going to be at more locations???

  14. Christopher

    Oh c’mon man! Bring here to Minneapolis. I’d love to see it in the theater again!

  15. Kasket

    I’d like to go but there is absolutely nothing near me – at least I can drive to Miami but it’s several hours away, and I’m sure it will be packed because the locations are all in dense populated cities. I wish there were more locations!

  16. Tyler Proctor

    Don’t forget Honolulu and Charlotte, NC

  17. I hope the release is worldwide ._.

  18. Scott R.

    I’ll be excited when they actually release the original trilogy. The 1997 re-release, not so much.

  19. Michael

    Why the 1997 format?! I keep waiting to get to see the actual originals in the theater. You know. The movies we grew up with before cgi existed.

  20. Jay

    For me, I prefer the original version over the release. But now that I’ve just gotten hold of a VCR, I will be watching the originals on 55 inch screen with surround sound. That’s enough for me

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